postcard from new zealand

This is a looooooong overdue post. She sent me this postcard during her trip to NZ in February. It took me months to scan it, simply because I totally forgot all about it. Sorry Jeet!

Muchas gracias amiga! I like the round stamp. So unique.

Wonder why there’s a Singapore Post sticker on the back. Perhaps the postcard had to make a pit stop there before coming to Malaysia.

Babe, thanks for putting up the Loch Ness postcard on your blog. It kind of reminded me that I haven’t put up this one.. hehehe..

And yeah, we’ve definitely started a new tradition! Let’s keep postmen around the world busy everytime we go OOB!


~jeet~ said...

hahaha....apparently the almost all postcard from nz flew via s'pore, but as long as ada chop from nz, i puas hati ;)

yes, we have to justify the postman's existence :D

~jeet~ said...

oh my english...chop la sgt kan..stamp i mean ;p

dieya said...

yes, the stamp is important!
wakakaka.. mmg betul2 punya oh my english classic :-D