the call of umrah

InshaAllah, with the grace of Allah, I will be heading to the holy lands of Makkah and Madinah to perform umrah.

Umrah guidebook, lent to me by my colleague who went there recently.

Normally when I’m about to go for a trip, I don’t announce it here until I put up OOB notice on the departure day. But this time, I’m telling you in advance. Well, maybe not too far in advance since I’m leaving in a few days, but still earlier than I normally do.

Reason being I wish to share this blessing of umrah with all of you.

To my wonderful readers, if you wish for me to make doa for you during my umrah, I’m more than happy to assist.

However, I hope you can make it easy for me by doing this:

1) Write your doa as if I’m the one reading it. For example, if your name is Siti, please write "Ya Allah, my friend Siti wishes for her sins to be forgiven, for her life to be blessed and for her to get a husband who suits her herein and thereafter", something like that.

2) Kindly keep you doa simple and sweet, so that I can understand your wishes and read your doa from the bottom of my heart.

3) Your may write in English, Malay or Spanish as those are the languages I understand. Arabic is okay too, but please know that though I can read it, I can’t understand it much. So if you write in Arabic, I hope you don’t mind that I may not be able to really feel your wishes when I read them.

4) Please send your doa by this Saturday 16th June 2012 to my e-mail:

I will try my very best to read your doa, hopefully in front of Kaabah, inshaAllah. Likewise, I hope for your doa from home for me to be able to do that.

I may not read my e-mail after Saturday 16th June 2012 as I will be busy preparing for the trip. Therefore, do send to me your doa soonest so that I won’t miss it out. I will reply to your e-mail once I receive it, so if you don’t get my reply, please send it again.

On this note, I humbly ask for your kindness to pray for my family and I to have a smooth journey throughout this trip, for our ibadah to be accepted, for our doa to be granted and for our umrah to be maqbulah.

May Allah bless us all.


JaJa'Z said...

sooooo nice of u lah dear..insyallah akak akan send email kat dieya yer...seronoknya buat umrah..i wish one day akak pun akln jejak kaki ke sana...akak doakan dieya and family selamat pergi dah kembali..and diberikan kesihatan yang baik utk perform umrah selengkap2nya yek...

eB said...

eB tmpg hepi. semoga segala urusan sahabatku dieya dipermudahkan. semoga selamat pergi n kembali. aminnnnnnnnnn...
ps: eB dh bls emel :)

Mamamya said...

syukur alhamdulillah...dieya n family diberi peluang n kesempatan menjejakkan kaki ke kota suci mekah.. mcm kak jaja jg akak pun b'harap smga suatu hari nnti akak b'peluang ke sana b'sama mr.kmdo n anak2.. insya'allah...amin.

akak doakan semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan dieya n family kat sana nnti... smga selamat pergi n kembali...

nnti akak send email yer...

Hjh Noralenna Abbas said...

Seronoknya pergi ke tanah suci. Aunty juga, doakan dieya n family selamat semuanya. dipermudahkan segala urusan, doakan untuk kami semoga diberi rezeki untuk sampai ke tanah suci.Semoga dieya n famili mendapat umrah yang mabrur.Ameen.

ninie said...

Dear Dieya,
Subhanallah..alhamdulillah..rezeki Dieya dan Family utk perform umrah tahun ni.
Baiknya Dieya...akak doakan Dieya and family selamat pergi dan pulang dan sentiasa dalam peliharaanNya sepanjang menunaikan ibadah di sana!

Cukuplah sekadar doakan kesejahteraan, kebahagiaan dan rezeki yang halal utk kami semua disini... :)

dieya said...

k jaja,
thanks k jaja, amiiin!
okay, i'll wait for your e-mail. by saturday ya, takut sibuk nnt tak sempat buka e-mail.

thanks eB, amiiin!
got your e-mail. inshaAllah, doakan i dapat bacakan doa semorg di tempat2 yg mustajab ya.

k lieya,
thanks k lieya, amiiin!
sgt2 bersyukur dpt peluang ni, walaupun agak nervous sebenarnya. maklumlah pergi bukan utk cuti2, tapi utk beribadah.
okay, will wait for your e-mail.

aunty nora,
thanks aunty, amiiin!
alhamdulillah to be given this rezeki :-)

k ninie,
thanks k ninie, amiiin!
inshaAllah akan dieya bacakan doa tu. take care.

susumanis said...

Alhamdulillah.. kak susumanis doakan dieya selamat pergi dan kembali dan dikurniakan Allah swt umrah yang mabrur, take care ya n keep reciting tiz doa kat sana especially masa tawaf, rabbi yassir wala tuassir, maknanya Ya Rabb permudahkan , usah disulitkan , insyaAllah, my salam to Rasulullah saw bila dieya ke Raudhah ya n doa letak sini je lah sbb general, mohon dieya doakan semua umat nabi Muhammad saw diampunkan Allah swt dan dimasukkan ke surga firdaus..aamiin...



1. Just grab a small guide book which u can hung on yr neck and open it while doing the umrah. I will searching for mind to lend it to u.

2. Dont worry about what has peoples spread around. As I know u, yr umrah will be easiest one that God will present it to you. As i did mention to u b4, kalau hati kita baik, tak ada hasad dengki, fitnah, aniaya dll kepd org lain, InsyaAllah our journey to God land will be the most berkah and easiest way in ur life.

3. Smile for what ever come across. Dont uukk ekkk okkk.

4. Dont complaining anything. Take it as a God gift and u was sellected for that such special gift such bag loss, flt delay, people pushing u down etc. Alhamdulilah.

5. Make yr hand free to help anybody esp in yr gp who cross at front of you wt their problem such as heavy luggage, sick, lost, etc. Put yr self as 'kuli' in yr package gp.

6. Dont take cold drink 'ais'during lunch, dinner etc esp cold zamzam water which had been prep in the mosq. Take a normal taste. Dont fight the sun, hv a good rest and enough sleep during the hot and than spend yr most time in most during 'cold'.

7. Dont take so much cloth which cheaper over there. But it and wear it.

8. Find someone who went there before or couple of time and make her as yr buddy. She will give an excellent guidance.

9. Bring along the medicine that suit to u hear such as panadol. My best advise, don forget strepsil or anything to do wt batuk and sakit tekak and selsema.

10. Lastly, hv a good prays on the top of Jabbal Rahmah.

p/s I did mind and God had presented to me the most heaven trip to Mekah. Problems? yes offcourse, is there and it is a must, but as i mentioned earlier -SMILE & DONT UKK EKKK OKKK. Than i m in tears bcoz the journey is so lovely compared to others in my gp.

Salam I for Rasulullah.

Dyanna said...

Have a safe trip, semoga perjalanan ini diberkatiNya. Nanti check email ye.

wahida said...

ya Allah...sebaknya baca n3 ni...
rasa terharu dan tumpang gembira bila dhieya dijemput berada di sana..Alhamdulillah...

kami di sini sentiasa doakan kesihatan dhieya dan family berada dlm keadaan baik dan melakukan ibadah dgn sebaik mungkin...InsyaAllah...

doakan kami semua agar satu hari nnt kami juga dpt menjejakkan kaki ke sana satu hari nnt...

dieya said...

K susumanis,
Thank u for your well wishes :-)
InshaAllah akan dieya sampaikan salam dan bacakan doa kak su. Doakan dieya dpt berdoa kat Raudhah ya.

Really wonderful tips zie, thanks so much. Of course, i'll remember your advices. InshaAllah will sampaikan salam u to Rasulullah.

Thanks! Yup i got your email :-) jap lagi i reply ya

Kak wahida,
Terima kasih kak, amiiin. InshaAllah akan dibacakan doa kak wahida tu.

Messy Mummy said...

Alhamdulillah dieya. MM doakan agar segala urusan dieya from now sampai balik nanti sentiasa dipermudahkan oleh Allah swt. Semoga dieya dan family selamat pergi & pulang.. Am happy and excited for you. Hehehe.. 'enjoy' your ibadah time ya!

Kalau berkesempatan MM akan hantar email (it's so nice of you offer kitaorg) tapi kalau tak sempat... Dieya sampaikanlah salam buat Rasullullah...

Selamat berangkat dieya. Will miss you :)

dieya said...

thank u, inshaAllah akan sampaikan salam MM. thank u for your well wishes! will miss u n laiqah too!

~jeet~ said...

alhamdulillah...i think you mesti dah sampai jeddah by now, all the best babe, enjoy the umrah (yes, when i say enjoy, memang enjoy)...meaning you do it with all your heart. its fun, and i know you will have a good time, selamat pergi dan selamat balik :)

PatinPasta said...

You're such a sweet and kind soul. Glad to have known you, even thru here.

My only doa is that you and your family to go and come back safely. Take care dear.

dieya said...

thanks babe, i did enjoy the entire experience. it was like no other. alhamdulillah, Allah makbulkan doa u, i selamat pegi & balik :-)

thanks so much. alhamdulillah we are back home and well too.
the feeling is absolutely mutual, i'm so glad to know you too!

Pink Lavender said...

makneng follow sini
jom follow makneng

rindu nak pegi lg

dieya said...

hi makneng,
tq follow i.. nnt i follow u balik yer