the bag drama

My friend Mr. K just returned from a holiday in Jakarta yesterday. It was a weekend shopping trip with his wife and their 6 y.o. son. They bought so many stuffs that their bags were filled to the brim.

So he bought a new bag (expensive American Tourister) at Jakarta airport. They filled it with the brand new things that they bought, including his son’s new casual bag worth about RM 400 and his wife’s SK II skincare worth several hundreds more.

Why am I stressing on the $$$ value here?

Because when Mr. K and his family landed in KLIA yesterday morning...

They rushed to catch a bus back to town...

He told his wife and son to quickly board the bus and let him handle the luggage...

He loaded their bags into the trunk...

But he only loaded their old bags...

He left the new American Tourister containing their newly shopped goods by the roadside!

And the funny thing was when the bus was about to leave, he overheard the guy who was sitting behind him saying “Eh.. Ada satu beg tertinggal laa kat bawah tu..”

He glanced through the window, saw the bag and replied “Ye lah.. Ada beg..” but he didn’t even realize that it was HIS bag!

Only when they arrived and he took out the old bags from the trunk, he noticed his mistake!

So what did he do? He jumped into his car with his wife and son and drove like crazy to KLIA.

At that point of time his wife was super duper mad at him for two things:
1) He left the new bag containing the newly purchased goods by the roadside.
2) Before they left Jakarta, he took out his wife’s new stuffs from HER bag and put them into the new bag, thinking that all new stuffs should be in the new bag, without her knowledge!

Can you imagine how angry the wife was? Not only the new bag was gone, all HER new stuffs that she thought were safe in HER bag were also gone with the new bag! Adding to that, the son was very upset too, because the boy’s new RM 400 casual bag was also gone, as his dad put it inside the new American Tourister together with other new things they bought!

They reached KLIA and went looking for the bag where he last saw it when the bus left. It was no longer there. He headed to KLIA police station and lodged a report, though he knew the chance of the bag to be found was very slim. He didn’t put any bag tag and there was nothing inside the bag that could indicate that he was the owner.

Today he came to work and told us about the entire ordeal. His wife was still annoyed, not so much about the lost bag, but more about the “bag transfer” exercise that he did. His son couldn’t stop talking about the casual bag that he wanted so much was now gone. Mr. K was of course angry at himself for letting the entire thing happen. More so when he thought of his upcoming credit card bill, he would have to pay for things that he would never get to use!

Suddenly, at around 5 p.m., about 30 hours after the incident, he got a call from Subang Perdana police station. Guess what? They found a bag matching his bag’s description!

It was incredibly surreal for two reasons:
1) There was no indication anywhere that the bag was his
2) He left the bag at KLIA and they found it at Subang Perdana police station

He was so excited to go to the police station and find out if it was really his bag. All of us at the office prayed for it to be his, so that he would be out of his misery. He already said his nazar “If it’s my bag I will go to a mosque and put RM 100 into the tabung”.

So what can we learn from this?
1) Bring extra bag tag when you travel, so that you can put it on your new bag.
2) Be alert of your surroundings. Count your bags, big or small, old or new.
3) If you lost a bag, lodge police report immediately, no matter how slim you may think the chance of getting it back.
4) Have faith and pray for your bag to return to you.

One thing for sure, if the bag at the police station is really his bag, it will definitely restore my belief in Malaysian police force!


Hjh Noralenna Abbas said...

A lesson to be remembered. Allah menguji!

PatinPasta said...

Erk! Mesti rasa sungguh ralat kan? Nasib baik la jumpa semula. Harap2 betul la beg tu.

Erin said...

Masih ada rezeki nak jumpa beg tu :)

Messy Mummy said...

Ya Allah drama sungguh tuh.. Tapi itulah, kadang2 mmg ada chance nak terlupakan.. Tambah2 bila mcm benda sgt.. Sbb MM mcm tu. Kalau tak tinggal brg tak sah. Tapi taklah mahal kwn dieya tu...

Dlm hal ni tak salah kan si isteri yang marahla kan.. ;)

But Alhamdulillah jumpa balik. Sib baik tak giveup cenggitu jer.. Rezeki tu ada lagikan.. Lau tak mmg sakitnya nak bayar benda yg tak ada depan mata...

Fertzy said...

phewww!!! nasibbb!!!

terasa mcm beg aku lak yg tertinggal tue....ekekekkek

ije said...

hahhahaa.. liza tau saper dia Mr. K tuuuu.. kesiannyer dia.. liza harap bag dia jumpe so that dia tak menyesal seumur hidup.. kirim salam dekat mrK ek.. miss u all soooo much!!

~jeet~ said...

alhamdulillah..tu la org ckp, kalo rezki tak ke mana, ada usaha, dapat balik pada yang berhak, thanks for sharing dear ;)

JaJa'Z said...

so, macam mana? betul ke bag tu Mr K punya? Dieya kena sambung cerita ni...uish..kalau akak la abg zack buat macam tu..mau bebel gak berkilo2 sampai nak terkeluar taik telinga dengar..hehehheh

dieya said...

aunty nora,
spot on :-) a true lesson indeed!

mmg tak senang duduk mr. k sepanjang hari dibuatnya.

kalau memang rezeki yg halal, tetap akan dpt one way or another kan.

sangatlah drama kan. kitorang yg dgr dia bercerita pun tercengang2 lalu menggeleng2 dibuatnya. geng kakak2 kat ofis semua pakat marah dia coz pandai2 pindahkan barang wife dia masuk beg baru. kesian, dah laa kat rumah kena marah.. kat ofis kena marah lagi.. hihihi

hakhakhak.. kalu beg ko laa yg tertinggal.. tobat si kidem kena flying kick kot :-D

confiem u tau.. hahaha! i miss u too! bila nak dtg amik baju nih?

betul tu, kalau dah rezeki kita, mesti dapat punya kan. yg penting tawakal dan redha. no prob at all :-)

k jaja,
nanti dieya sambung citer ni yer. bz laa this week, tak sempat nak sambing.
wakakaka kesian laa b zack.. sampai cair taik telinga!