till we meet again, paris!

It was time to leave and I couldn’t help but to feel a little sad.

Firstly, because the trip felt so short. How I wished I could add on a week or two.. spend a little longer time in each city.. see all the things that I wanted to see.. in a more relaxed manner..

Secondly, because I would be going home alone. Farah, Kak Minie and Kak Faez took additional 10 days off, so after Paris they would be heading to Lucerne, Jungfrau, Zurich, Milan, Athens and Istanbul. Imagine that!

Anyway, before leaving, I did manage to buy something that I wanted to try so much...

Pierre Hermé maracons, the best in France!

If you talk about macarons from France (or Paris in specific), two major names come about – Ladurée and Pierre Hermé. Some people prefer one over the other. For me, having tried both, Pierre Hermé is undoubtedly the winner. Of course, their macarons aren’t cheap. That box of 7 pieces cost me EUR 17 (RM 68). That would be about RM 10 a piece. But the taste.. OMG.. heavenly!

Breakfast at Charles de Gaulle airport before flying home.

The chocolate spread is super duper yummy.

Checked in. Did tax refund. Walked through security. Cleared passport. Boarded. Buckled up. Switched on in-flight entertainment. Put on headphones. Ready to fly home.

Au revoir, Paris! J'aimerais te rendre visite encore!


JaJa'Z said...

a'ah..betulla..akak pun rasa mcm kejap je dieya holiday kali ni..awat dieya tak ikut diaorang sekali sampai ke Milan nun.....

Lelord said...

aisehhh bila la leh dpt g paris...g parit pun x sampai lg huhuhu

dieya said...

k jaja,
takleh cuti panjang2 daaa.. saya adalah byk kereje..

k lelord,
tak dpt gi parit, gi longkang pun ok. jgn jatuh longkang sudah.

~jeet~ said...

paris....i'll get there...dah brp kali cakap da...but someday it will come true ;)

thanks for sharing!! memang senang la i nak plan nanti!!

dieya said...

keep on saying it, it will come true :-)
no problema nada chica!

PatinPasta said...

Ahhh too bad you couldn't join them girls for more adventures. But knowing you, bet you're gonna be off to somewhere.. soon! So no worries :)

Macs! Memang sedap ye? Tak pernah rasa (jakun).

Messy Mummy said...

Kesian tak leh join tuk merantau.. But sure Dieya soon akan pergi lagikan... Dah plan nak ke mana pula nieh? ;)

Jeles tgk macs tu... mesti sedap sgtkan... tapi mahalnya. but again kalau sedap rasa berbaloi baloi la kan... hehehe

dieya said...

yup, i couldn't take longer leave, byk tanggungjawab di pejabat *ayat poyo tapi benar*
i don't believe u, u haven't taste any macaron? seriously?! go bake some now!

inshaAllah perantauan akan diteruskan :-)
tersangatlah sedap. confirm the best i ever tasted. berbaloi bayar mahal. definitely a must try.

f i d a j a c o b said...

Hi dieya... Kak fara told me about your blog. Kak fara kawan kak fiza! hahaha...

BTW, mmg pierre herme the besttt! rinduuuu.. takde kat mesia kan.. laduree je ada. sob sob... oh gosh, i missed scotland! haha rindu scotland tapi cakap pasal macaron!

dieya said...

hi fida,
thanks for dropping by! it's always wonderful to meet nice people around here.
i totally agree, pierre herme sgt lah sedapnya. kalau jual kat mesia maybe susah nak laku, reganya dekat RM 10 sebijik. tapi kalau i beli jugak.. suka punya pasal.. hihihi..
owh i felt in love with scotland instantaneously! especially edinburgh!!!