madame tussauds + london dungeon + wembley stadium

Good morning London! A list of pre-booked adventures awaited us for the day. I shall not waste any more time boring you with words, let the pics tell the story. Then I’ll do some wrap-up, okay?

(1) Madame Tussauds

High School Musical or Harry Potter?

They have exactly the same grin!

The moment I saw his face, I immediately felt like punching him.

Who’s the diva again?

Give way to the biker chick! Vroom!

She finally met her beloved adopted mum.

One big happy family.

It wasn’t all about wax figures. There were also other things to see, like this one.

Scream all your might!

Look out, behind you!

(2) London Dungeon

Took the tube to London Bridge to go to London Dungeon nearby.

No cameras allowed. This is the only pic I got, taken by the official photographer. Cost me GBP 10.

(3) Wembley Stadium

Holding my VIP pass, waiting for the stadium tour to start.

“Cameras down please, I’ll give you time for photographs later,” said the guide.

We were there the day they appointed the new England manager, in the very same building! Too bad we couldn't see him in person, though the guide did try to take us around the areas where key people were expected to pass by. It was a busy day in Wembley Stadium, no doubt.

Everyone went crazy taking pics in the changing room.

Clockwise: Massage room, showers, toilets, bathtubs.

That’s where the England manager, assistant manager and who’s who of the team sit during games.

We set foot on Wembley’s pitch!

The stadium was decorated with Liverpool and Chelsea colors in preparation for the FA Cup final on the weekend. Tickets? 100% sold out!

Can’t get tickets? Get yourself a corporate box. GBP 60,000 to GBP 270,000 a year, depending on size and location. These belong to Roman Abramovich. Biggest boxes (fits 20 pax each), best location (center of the field). And yeah, he got two of them!

Sitting on a very special seat – where Kate sits during games with William to his side. Felt like a princess.

It took every ounce of my willpower not to smash the glass casing and bring the magazine home.. If only I could.. If only..

Bobby Moore, the England captain when they won the World Cup in 1966.

Forget that, this one is far more meaningful to me :-D

Dieya was at Wembley Stadium!

Now time for my verdict on the three places of attractions:

(1) Madame Tussauds
If you go to London, you just have to go there. Just have to. At least once in your life. I went there prepared to be bored by lifeless celebrities, but hey, I couldn’t be more wrong. It’s not all about wax figures, there are other things to see too i.e. Scream (scary stuffs) and Spirit of London (relaxing joyride). A return visit anytime soon? Maybe not. How many times you wanna take a pic with Tom Cruise anyway?

(2) London Dungeon
This one is awesome! I was torn between this and The London Bridge Experience (another scare attraction). Finally chose London Dungeon simply because it got a combo tix with Madame Tussauds, which made tix for both a lot cheaper than buying them individually. Real actors reenacting scary scenes in London’s history i.e. the plague, the great fire, Jack the Ripper. I’m not much of a horror fan, bit I enjoyed it anyway!

(3) Wembley Stadium
I’m a sports fan in general and a football fan in specific, so be prepared to hear my biased opinion. I absolutely enjoyed the visit! It was my third major stadium tour after Santiago Bernabéu and Camp Nou. But to me, Wembley Stadium has its own special appeal. Firstly, it’s a neutral venue – it’s not owned by any club. Secondly, it’s not just a football stadium – people play rugby, hold concerts and even race cars in there (yes, IN the stadium - they cover the grass and build a race track on the top of it). My fellow football fans out there, Wembley Stadium is one place you must visit!


JaJa'Z said...

masyaallah..teruknya minah rempit tu...over tau..heheh..nice outfit :p

dyanna said...

Russell Brand in M. Tussaud's? i see, they have lowered their standards i guess. sad thing.

dyanna said...

hey dieya, did you visited Wales? I'm feeling kinda homesick a little.

dieya said...

k jaja,
hehehe.. dah lama mengidam nak naik superbike.. vroom!
thanks! suka sangat sweater tu. and of course, the GBP 4 boots too.

yeah, i won't be surprise if they feature the kardashian girls soon.
didn't get to go to wales this time. definitely on the top of my list for my next uk visit.

Hjh Noralenna Abbas said...

Rasa-rasa macam nak terbang sekarang juga ke sana!

~jeet~ said...

if they change tom's outfit every year, maybe there are people willing to go every there and then..hehehe..

wembley? hmm...i have yet to go to any stadium tour, nantila..i'll get there too ;)

thanks for the tips!!

dieya said...

aunty nora,
silalah terbang aunty.. terbang naik mas ya!
p.s. mas new A380 jumbo jet will start flying from kl to london on 1st july. apa lagi? ;-)

hahaha i rather they change the celebrities. sooo looking forward for messi to be waxed up!
u really should go for stadium tours, especially the european ones. i missed out la bombonera as it was not in a safe area. sampai skrg teringat2.

Messy Mummy said...

okay, jeles sbb g wembley stadium tour :p mesti bestkan.. but you should have amik that magazine.. sure tak kantoi punya lah... hehehe

dungeon mm tgk jer dr seberang jln. tak dpt masuk sbb xder org boleh tgk laiqah :( nak masuk sorang2 lagi tak nak. hehehe...

dieya said...

oh ye lah.. i pun teringat yg mm tak sempat nak masuk wembley kan coz mok keje. next time pegi kena bawa bibik tengokkan laiqah. baru dapat enjoy attraction utk org dewasa. tak pun tunggu laiqah besar je lah.. hehehe

PatinPasta said...

Harry of course! :D

Gamaknye kalo rempit gitu naik motor, buleh sampai Malaysia berapa hari?

Seronok betul dia ye, bergambor sakan dalam stadium :D

dieya said...


good choice! though i would prefer aragon of LOTR.. hahaha

katanya kalau naik keta 8 hari. kalu merempit.. mungkin tak sampai kot.. pasal kena tembak ngan taliban kat sempadan afghan.. erkkk

sangat2 happy dapat pegi wembley. the highlight of my london stop!