let’s meet nessie

Who’s Nessie?
A cute monster that is said to live in Loch Ness.

What’s Loch Ness?
A lake in Scottish Highlands with breathtaking view.

And I’m telling you these because…?
It was where we were heading to!

Loch Ness was about 3 hours drive up north using A96 freeway. The route was easy peasy – go straight all the way from Aberdeen to Inverness, the closest town to the lake. “Just take 12 o’clock at every roundabout,” said Kak Mazni. Aye, aye, ma’am. Borrowed her big UK map, jumped into our rented car and off we went. GPS? None. Everyone trusted the co-pilot’s (read: me) sense of direction.

Our ride to meet Nessie.

The scenery along way was amazing. Hills. Windmills. Little towns. Flowers and trees.

Stopped for coffee and scones.

Some shopaholic Malaysians doing what they knew best.

Then we continued driving till we got a glimpse of the lake. Wait, was that Nessie in the middle?

Finally we arrived at our destination – Loch Ness! We stopped at Urquhart Castle overlooking the lake. It was built in 13th century, yet most of its key structures were still intact. And I must tell you, the view of the lake from the castle’s balcony was simply breathtaking.

All hail the amazing sight!

Now let’s get in. Remember those boots?

The castle’s majestic tower.

Once upon a time, a lord and a lady called this home.

A trebuchet nearby, protecting the inhabitants from harm.

Homeless at Loch Ness.

Couldn’t get enough of the blue waters.

We spent hours admiring the place and taking tons of pics. Had some traditional Scottish ice cream (albeit the cold weather) which was really yummy. Wanted to take a cruise along the lake, but it was a little too late for that, they closed at 5 PM. No chance to meet Nessie in action. Stayed at the castle till sundown till the keepers chased us out and headed home.

Stopped by this place coz I liked the building.

Can you pronounce it? I’m sure you’ll get it wrong :-p

Another 3 hours drive back to Aberdeen. The sky went dark and there wasn’t much streetlight along the freeway. That was when we realised one small thing – none of us knew how to switch on the car’s headlights! We pressed, twisted and turned all buttons, sticks and dials that we could find, yet none of them brought the lights up. So we decided to stop by the road side.

Kak Minie: Should I call the car rental shop and ask?
Farah: Or call Kak Mazni?
Kak Faez: Shouldn’t there be a manual somewhere?
Me: Yeah there should be.. *opening the glove compartment* ..here it is!

I quickly flipped to the part on lights and stuff. Guess what, the headlights button was somewhere below the ignition key! And all we had to do was to press it! I made a quick run outside to see whether it worked. Presto, the lights were on. Now we could drive back to Aberdeen with full confidence. Phew!

With the headlights shining brightly in front, we had all the time in the world to make pit stop. So we dropped by Tesco at Inverness. Got myself a pair of boots that cost me – get this – GBP 4! Off went my worn out brown boots into Tesco’s big trash bin and I returned to Aberdeen wearing..

..these sexy black babies! ^_^


susumanis said...

u really there now babe..seronoknyerrr, lama da x jenjalan ni..enjoy yrself n take care ya, keep sharing yr interesting journey so i can join u virtually even delayed a bit loh..hahaha

susumanis said...

oh lupee..i love yr GBP4 sexy black babies lah...hehe

Anonymous said...

Looking at the pictures, the 1st thing that went off in my heas was "WaaaHhh! Terangnya gambar!!". ( i was comparing it with my Scotland trip i had gajillion years ago during winter time, most pics had this "infamous British weather" theme where everything is dark and gloomy). Ps: Maybe masa winter la kot time yg plg baik utk nampak Nessi.

Bravo! Nice pictures. And bravo again, nice boots!

(dyanna- sign as anon psl malas nak log in :p sorry ye)

JaJa'Z said...

dieya..akak ingat2 lupa la pasal cerita boots dieya yang warna cream tu...macam pernah tengok jek....anyway...sangat2 la cantiknya permandangan kat sana..tak berapa nak sejuk ke? sbb tgk dieya pakai baju biasa jek...heheh

Mamamya said...

btl kata jaja...terpesona kejap tgk view kat sana....nyaman jer rasanya.....

sexy black babies!!!! rugi x kirim aritu..ahakss... sgt gojes!!

marmarn said...

serenity of scotland! i miss uk!!! and super cheap primark ;)

dieya said...

kak su,
seronok pegi scotland, very beautiful place. sejuk pun ya. yeah i love them babies too!

i'm so happy with how the pics turned out. the weather did help, it was sunshiny on the day we were at loch ness. maka semuanya terang-benderang.
thanks chica! owh them boots.. the best GBP 4 i spent in scotland!

k jaja,
alkisah boots lama tu sgt glemer during my last europe trip. merata dia ikut dieya pegi. ramai yg berkenan.
the highland adalah sgt cantik. sejuk sebenarnya, tp sweater yg dieya pakai tu sgt tebal sebenarnya, so tahan sejuk. tapi pegang jugalah jacket just in case.

k lieya,
view yg sgt indah, tengok lama2 pun tak bosan. masa nak balik tu rasa sedih pun ada coz cantik sgt tempat tu.
hahaha next time kita cari lagi boots mcm tuh ;-)

i fell in love with primark instantaneously! baju keje GBP 3, seluar keje GBP 5.. gosh how i wish i had more space in my luggage!

Aida said...

Very nice pictures.. Like in a postcard.
Anyway, please take more pictures at Aberdeen.

Aida said...

Very nice pictures.. Like in a postcard.
Anyway, please take more pictures at Aberdeen.

dieya said...

thanks babe :-)
i did take tons of pics.. sampai pening dok pilih2 nak letak yg mana satu kat sini.. hahaha

PatinPasta said...

Wow! Such beautiful place and snecery! Love the blue water :)

"..Some shopaholic Malaysians doing what they knew best..". Let me guess. Boots? Or sexy black ones, to be precise. Hehe!

dieya said...

loch ness is absolutely beautiful! hahaha didn't buy them boots there, i got them at inverness, on our way back. but the other girls did but boots, jacket, gloves, hat.. you name it!

~jeet~ said...

how to finally pronounce loch ness? mana gambar monsternye?

and yes, the black babies tu gile murah!! ;)

Messy Mummy said...

luv luv luv the sexy black babies... tengok gambar yg dieya dah start pakai... sexy bebeh! huhu..

omg, gambar2 kay loch ness tuh... lawa kot... bestnya kalau dapat gie tempat2 cenggitu.. mesti rasa relax sangat2 lah..

dieya said...

like this: lokh ness - the "kh" is like the letter "kho" (7th letter) in arabic or "jota" in spanish.
u know what, i actually learned how to pronounce it from a spanish CD :-D

lome them too! oh yes, loch ness is incredibly beautiful. relaxing, definitely. kena bawa baju tebal2 tho. sejuk!