holyrood palace + costa coffee + football talk

I decided to start the day by visiting Palace of Holyroodhouse, the Queen’s official residence in Scotland. Once again, Kak Faez tagged along with me while Farah and Kak Minie stayed at the hotel for some resting and packing. It rained the night before, thus the weather was damp, misty and of course, cold!

Shall we check out that shoe shop, honey?

This is where you can buy royal souvenirs. More so that this year marks the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – she has reigned for 60 long years!

We had breakfast at the palace café. Felt like a royalty :-D

Entering the forecourt. Notice that the left tower looks “rougher”? That’s because it was built more than 100 years earlier that the one on the right.

The quadrangle at the center of the palace.

Beyond the quadrangle, cameras were off-limits. Thus no photos for me to show to you here. Anyway, the palace is still an active working building. The Queen receives her guests there, holds royal parties in its garden and knighted Sir Sean Connery in one of its halls. We were lucky that we came during the time of the year when the garden was open to visitors. Thus we had the chance to walk around and imagine what it would be like to hang out with the Queen :-D

Adjacent to the palace lays the ruins of Holyrood Abbey, which was destroyed during the war between Scotland and England back in 16th century.

A view of the palace from the garden.

The trees and flowers looked and smelled really fresh, with droplets from last night’s rain hanging onto them.

How wonderful it would be to wake up to beautiful Scottish hills in your backyard.

The palace gate. Scottish flag on the left, English flag on the right.

In memory of Edward VII, King of Great Britain and Emperor of India.

From the palace, we took a cab to Princes Mall as Kak Faez was too tired walking in the 5-inch sexy black babies (she bought the same pair as mine). We hanged out at Costa, a British equivalent of Starbucks. I actually wanted to try it in Aberdeen after I heard Kak Mazni talked about it, but didn’t have the chance. Fortunately I found it in Edinburgh.

Costa’s cinnamon latte. Yummy!

We did some last minute souvenir shopping and took another cab back to the hotel. Thank goodness we already checked out so we just had to get our bags. I waited in the cab while Kak Faez went inside the hotel to call Farah and Kak Minie.

Chatted with the friendly cab driver. Guess what, he was an Arsenal player! He did come to Malaysia during Arsenal FC tour to South East Asia in 1975. He remembered playing against Malaysian XI in Kuala Lumpur, then in Penang. After that they went to Singapore and Bangkok to continue the tour.

The day I met an Arsenal player. Yet I didn’t ask for his name, how foolish of me! Gunners fans out there, help please?

Edinburgh train station. Waiting to board.

Goodbye historic Edinburgh. By night time, I would be in metropolis London!


~jeet~ said...

can't get enough of old buildings and scottish garden, would all of it turn white in winter? mesti cantik jugak..

so you had scones everyday for breakfast ke? ;)

Messy Mummy said...

scone tu nampak sedap kot dieya. what did you eat kat situ. even cake pun... sedap mata memandang. hehehe..

owh i love the garden, back yard hill. segala yg hijau2 nampak sungguh relax la.. kalau la kat mesia nie ada tempat cenggitukan...

owh the tower tu dulu dia wat one side jer ker? mmg nampak different kot.. but i like the new one.. tak nampak 'kasar' sangat.

see u in london bebeh :D

JaJa'Z said...

uish..itam legamnya boyfriend u kat pic 1 tu..ekekke...lah bleh plak tak tanya nama ek..nak tlg pun memang tak mampu..akak ni lagila 'buta' bola..heheh...

susumanis said...

dieya..mak datuk cantiknyerr tpt ni u..bila la akak nak sampai ya, ehh x de jumpa prince william ka..hehehe

dieya said...

me neither! i would believe so. i can already imagine sprinkles of snow on the buildings and trees.. so cantik.. ahhhhh *nganga mulut besar2*
anyway, scottish winter can be quite rough. kita org mesia yg tak biasa sejuk ni jgnlah pegi time winter. boleh beku dibuatnya.
i had scones for maybe two breakfasts thruout the time i was in scotland. sgt sedap!

i had the scones with goat cheese. sungguhlah yummy time sejuk2 begitu, kena pulak dgn hot black coffee, marvelous!
mmg sgt cantik and relaxing. katanya rumah queen kan.. hehehe.. i think kat mesia the closest may be bukit larut in taiping kot? or cameron highlands?
tower tu diorang buat in different periods. the palace underwent a number of extensions/renovations. that's y some blocks are older that the others.
hahaha.. see u in london :-D

k jaja,
hitam2 si tampuk manggis. blacky laa macho :-D
mmg nak sgt tanya nama tp dgn dok kelam kabut nak kejar train, tak tertanya lah pulak. nyesal rasanya.
takpelah, tunggu kot ada peminat arsenal zaman dolu2 sesat kat sini boleh tlg jawabkan.

kak su,
mmg cantik sgt! inshaAllah tak lama lagi sampai laa kak su kat sana.
that weekend was will and kate punya wedding anniversary, so depa semua balik balmoral palace. tak jauh pun dari aberdeen, tapi tak sempat nak jengah, schedule pack sgt. maybe nx time.

Mamamya said...

phewwww....byknya t'tinggal n3 nih...kesihatan x m'izinkan nak 'jalan2' sana sini lah dieya...

sama mcm jajalah..'kaki bangku' x penah tgk bola so x dapat nak membantu....

byk ker dieya memborong kat 'the queens gallery' tu mesti xpensive harganya kan...

dieya said...

k lieya,
welcome back! it's ok, rehat cukup2 sampai betul sihat, baru boleh jalan2 sakan okay.
hahaha takpe, moga2 ada yg kaki bola yg bleh membantu.
uih.. tak beli satu habuk pun kat queen's gallery tu.. mahal bebeno! almaklumlah jual barang2 mcm pinggan mangkuk, tea towel, etc. yg queen punya standard. kalu rakyat jelata beli tak tergamak kot nak pakai. simpan dalam gobok jek.