hello edinburgh

2.5 hours train ride took us to Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland. What comes into your head when you hear the word “Edinburgh”? Say it to me, I imagine historic buildings, bagpipes and military tattoo. Say it to my friend Zaza, her immediate response was “That’s the place of Amalina the genius girl!” :-D

Dropped our bags at the hotel. Farah and Kak Minie wanted to rest, but I couldn’t wait to start exploring the city. On the top of my Edinburgh to-do list was to climb the Scott Monument, erected in 1840 in remembrance of Scottish author Sir Walter Scott. 287 spiral steps up. Definitely a no-no to them. I was all set to do a solo climb, suddenly Kak Faez decided to tag along. Cool, I got a buddy.

Walking towards Scott Monument.

Up and up. Round and round.

A top view of Princes Street Gardens next door.

Edinburgh Castle on the top of the hill. Scottish National Gallery at its foot.

A kiss from the maiden in the tower, mmmuah!

Calton Hill at the end of the road. The columns of the National Monument of Scotland could be clearly seen.

287 steps. 5-inch sexy black babies. I did it!

So hungry after the workout. Bought fish and chips at this cute stall.

Hot lunch. Freezing weather. Beautiful scenery.

All full and fueled up, we headed to the city’s most iconic site – Edinburgh Castle. Promised to meet Farah and Kak Minie there. A bit about the castle, though its existence began as a royal residence way back in 900 B.C. (that long ago!) it had long evolved to become a military base since the 17th century. The place is now owned by UK’s Ministry of Defense.

Heading to the home of The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

The total view of the castle from the Esplanade, where the tattoo takes place every August.

She found a charming cavalry bagpiper.

Inside the Military Prison, which was installed with “double-decker” bed.

Drunk on guard? In there you go!

On the way up towards Foog’s Gate, the entrance to the Upper Ward.

Kak Minie walking past Governor’s House. Now it’s army officer’s mess.

Scottish National War Memorial from the outside.

Coat of arms of James VI and I. One king, two names. He was James VI of Scotland, then he became James I of England when the two countries united.

Armours and swords.

The castle’s reservoirs. Kept the inhabitants hydrated during times of siege.

At the top right corner is the One O’Clock Gun, still fires at precisely 1300 hrs every day except Sunday. In the middle was the Cartshed, used to hold carts of supplies brought from town (now a café and gift shop). The tall building behind it was the Military Hospital.

A group pose as we exited the Gatehouse.

Took a stroll around town then headed to Hard Rock Café for dinner. As expected, the weather got really cold as night came. It even drizzled for a bit as we walked back to the hotel. Took a long hot shower and retired for the night.


JaJa'Z said...

very historical place..bangunan2 lama..akak tau memang dieya suka sangat la tempat2 macam tu....kemain lagi posing last sekali tu yek..sampai bengkok2 lutut..ke nak cover tinggi..hehehhe

PatinPasta said...

Wah! Suke la tengok segala bangunan rustic and historical gitu. Suke suke suke!

And oh my god! Are you kidding me? In those 5 inch boots?

dieya said...

k jaja,
i do love historical places. they possess certain "characters" that speak for themselves.
gambo last tu mestilaa kena posing, buhsan laa kalu dok gaya tiang bendera jek :-D

me too! feels like going back in time, kan?
oh yeah, i did climb all the way up in those babies, kid u not!

~jeet~ said...

there used to be bulatan edinburgh in KL, from jalan hang tuah leading to DBP. it was there still masa i skolah rendah, but later they demolish the bulatan making it a simpang 6 for now..so i guess i can pronounce edinburgh since i was in primary school...hehehe...relevan tak?

back to the post, sukanya tgk those old building ;) mesti rasa medieval sgt kan?

Messy Mummy said...

OMG Dieya...
Semua gambar pun MM suka.. Some i adore. Serious the view lawa ghiler...

Masa lunch tu.. tulis poscard tuk diri sendiri kah? Huhu..tetiba nampak pen ;) tapi the pink stall tu.. alahai.. comei sungguh..

dieya said...

oh sangatlah relevan :-D
i only learned how to pronounce edinburgh abt 2 weeks before the trip.. hahhaaa
mmg rasa medieval sesangat. lagi2 pulak nampak pakcik kat sana pakai kilt like nobody's business, rasa macam ohhh.. i'm so in middle of historic scotland!

edinburgh adalah sgt cantik. one place that i think i wanna do a repeat visit, especially in august during edinburgh festival and military tattoo.
tepat sekali, pandai sungguh MM! tapi postcard nyer lom smpi mesia lagik. masih berenang-renang di lautan pasifik kot.
pink stall comel. tokey dia pun comel gaks, nyesal tak amik gambo dia.. ahaks!