hello aberdeen

Boarded Malaysia Airlines to London. Arrived there early in the morning. There weren’t many flights touching down at the same time, so immigration clearance was very fast. Waited for the rest of the gang to arrive (they flew Etihad), had some brunch, then all of us took British Airways to Aberdeen.

The energy capital of Europe. Most of the people here work in oil and gas industry.

Aberdeen greeted us with cold weather. No surprise here - if it ain’t cold, it ain’t Scotland. Bang Udin picked us up at the airport. Kak Mazni and the kids greeted us at home. On the table, steamy rice, sambal udang and sayur campur were served. We ate like dinosaurs! Kak Mazni told us that if we wanted to check out the city, Bang Udin could send us there and pick us up later. Of course we said yes. Quickly freshened up and headed out.

Dropped by at the beach. Super cold!

Say hi to my buddies for this trip – Kak Minie, Farah and Kak Faez. 

Most shops were close as it was pretty late in the evening.

Want a military career? Enlist yourself here.

Union Street – Aberdeen’s shopping avenue.

Rails and roads.

A statue of King Edward VII. 

Wonder what the cones were doing on the tree…?

Small and quiet little town. More so as the night approached.

Headed back home for a good rest. A long day of adventure ahead for us tomorrow. 3 hours drive up north. Close to the highlands, even closer to the nature. Way colder I would think. Couldn’t wait!


Hjh Noralenna Abbas said...

Hi Farah!,
Adventure again? Hee...enjoy girl!

Hjh Noralenna Abbas said...

Sorry dieya,
Ter'panggil' Farah pula!. Have a nice time in Scotland

JaJa'Z said...

wah!!! entry yang dinanti2....

dieya said...

aunty nora,
thanks! hahahaaa no prob.. tersedak2 agaknya si farah tu :-D

k jaja,
teruskan menanti.. byk lagi nak tulis nih.. erkkk

Messy Mummy said...

Yeay! Dieya dah start :) tak lah penat sgt menanti...
Bdw, Temperature berapa ntah? Mm tgk tu mcm sejuk sgt jer..
I like the last picture. Cantik building tuh..

PatinPasta said...

Lepas masuk gua, naik kapalterbang pulak. Best best! Hehe!

Eh, nak tanya. Kalo nak gi London, kita kena pakai visa ke?

~jeet~ said...

finally...aberdeen huh? cool ;) mesti not as congested as london?

dieya said...

start sudah. bila nak abis blom tau lagik :-D
scotland mmg sejuk. aberdeen apatah lagi, makin ke utara makin sejuk. dah berjiran dgn beruang kutub kat north pole sana.
i like it too! but too bad i didn't jot down the name, building apa ntah agaknya itu.

rindu wooo nak naik flight long haul.. hihihi!
owh pegi ke UK sgt senang, no visa at all. sekali cop dapat dok 6 bulan. kalau berjalan mmg puas.

yeah! not just cool, cold! not congested at all. aberdeen is such a small town. kalu kita mcm gi taiping jek :-p