goodbye aberdeen

Our last day in Aberdeen. We were so thankful to Kak Mazni and her lovely family for opening their beautiful home to us. Not only that, she ensured that we were well fed with yummy Malaysian food, slept in comfy beds, arranged for our car rental and even packed food for us to bring along our Loch Ness trip. Nobody could ask for a better host!

A view from the backyard. Jiha’s school is somewhere down there.

City council’s van parked in front of the house. 

A quiet morning in Aberdeen.

Neighbours across the road.

A photo with Kak Mazni and her kids before leaving. Sara making the peace sign, Jiha holding balloons and Ali on her lap.

To Kak Mazni, Bang Udin, Sara, Jiha and Ali: It was a great pleasure knowing all of you. No word could describe how wonderful it was to meet such a lovely Malaysian family far away at the top tip of Scottish land. Like what kak Mazni said, “This is the northern frontier. You won’t find anymore Malaysian further up north!” Terima kasih daun keladi, panjang umur saya datang lagi :-D

Bang Udin sent us to the station to catch our morning train to Edinburgh, about 200km away. We already bought the tickets online via ScotRail’s website to get cheap deals, but had to collect them at the stations itself. Anyway it was an easy process – just had to go to the ticket machine, insert our credit cards for verification, key-in the confirmation numbers and the tickets were issued.

Collect your train tickets here. 

Waiting for boarding time. The sign should have said “Goodbye Aberdeen” ;-)

A clean and brightly lit Aberdeen train station.

Making sure we got the right train and station.

All set to get onboard. Choo! Choo!

Passed by pretty houses.

Cows hanging out at the foot of the hills.

The railway track ran above waters. Reminded me of a scene in “Hunger Games”.

Sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the view.

Meanwhile, someone was busy counting damages :-D

Scottish version of Penang Bridge. Pollution and all.

Glad we took the train!


Hjh Noralenna Abbas said...

Jauh perjalanan, luas pemandangan dan pandangan!! Lepas ni, ke mana pula?

PatinPasta said...

Glad you took the train too! Hehe!

Amazing photos girl, thanks for taking us all there with you :)

JaJa'Z said...

wah! dah bergaya dengan black baby baru yek..hehhe nice2...cepat2 sambung cerita...

dieya said...

aunty nora,
ya betul! lepas ni ke edinburgh. historic place. love it.

me too! kinda shocking to see that little jet tersadai tepi pagar. i guess they use it for training.
no problema nada chica. so happy to know that i don't bore you nuts :-D

k jaja,
ohhh musti! beli yg baru, terus buang yg lama dlm tong sampah tesco inverness. dah reput pun yg lama tu, nyawa2 ikan.
aye aye ma'am. will continue soon!

~jeet~ said...

what happened to the plane?

how long was it for the train ride?

i would have thought that kita je bnyk polluted river, dorang pon ada jugak ye...

Messy Mummy said...

Alamak, backyard rumah kmazni tu hijau jer.. sejuk mata memandang. stress jer leh duk diam2 kat situ mesti tenang.

the rail track tu reminded me of harry potter. ker mm bermimpi? tapi mcm ada jer scene yang gitu..

Yang part kira2 tu.. mm tak buat. mok buat. sampai bilik kena buat. lau tak damage sungguh. ada yg tak dapat balik kang. hehehe..

anyway, what happen to that plane? incase u know. hehehe *versi kepoci*

dieya said...

i have no idea why the plane was stranded there. rasanya kapal lama kot, rupa mcm besi buruk nak kena jual timbang.
it was abt 2.5 hours from aberdeen to edinburgh. seronok naik train, dpt tengok view cantik2.
itulah, kinda surprised to see the pollution. but come to think abt it, aberdeen is the oil capital of europe, so acceptable laa kot kalu polluted sikit2 gitu...

mmg tenang sgt area rumah dia tu. senyap je. jiran2 pun pakat dok dlm rumah coz sejuk nak lepak kat luar.
eh ye lah.. i think harry potter ada track cenggituh. platform 9 3/4 - hahaha i so remember that!
tidaklah diketahui apakah nasib yg menimpa plane itu. tau2 je dah tersadai tepi airport.