château de versailles (part II)

...continued from Part I.

The Gardens

It didn’t take long for the rain to stop. By the time we were done with lunch, the sun was out again. Hooray! Now time to explore the super huge, perfectly symmetrical, immaculately trimmed, absolutely beautiful Gardens of Versailles!

We started with the South Parterre which was blooming with colors of spring.

A view the Orangery from the upper terrace. French landscaping at its best!

The gardens covered 800 hectares of land, about the size of 2,000 football fields. So if you don’t want to walk the entire length, take this Petit Train for EUR 6.90.

Thinking that EUR 6.90 was a bit too expensive for a tram ride, we decided to walk. Somehow the quantum of 800 hectares didn’t register in our heads. Here we were at the Royal Walk a.k.a. Green Carpet, where adventure on foot began.

Apollo Ornamental Lake at the end of the Green Carpet. The Grand Canal further in front, where visitors could kayak all the way to the edge of the gardens.


The Grand Trianon

The plan was to go Grand Trianon, then to Petit Trianon, then if we had time we would continue to Marie-Antoinette’s hamlet. So we walked. And walked some more. And walked even more. After the longest stroll in a park that I had ever done, we finally reached the Grand Trianon. Our feet hurt like mad. And guess what, we were only halfway through! Another 1000 football field to go, argh! At that time, EUR 6.90 for a tram ride felt like a penny. I would double it in a no time!

The Grand Trianon. Louis XIV built it as a place of escapade with his mistress Madame de Montespan.

It was originally called “Marble Trianon” for those pink marble colons.

The hallway with large windows overlooking the gardens.

The Empress Bedchamber. It used to be Louis XIV’s bedchamber, then redecorated by Marie-Louise (second wife of Napoléon I) when she lived there.

The Room of Mirrors. Louis XIV used it as his council room. Marie-Louise made it her drawing room.

Ju-on ghost in Versailles!

The Petit Trianon

The Petit Trianon was built by Louis XV for his long-term mistress, Madame de Pompadour. French kings did treat their mistresses like queens, eh? Unfortunately, Madame de Pompadour died four years before its completion. So the Louis XV’s next mistress, Madame du Barry, lived there instead. Later when his grandson Louis XVI ascended to the throne, the new king gave it to his wife, the incredibly popular Marie-Antoinette.

We already vowed no more walking, so we took the tram from the Grand Trianon to the Petit Trianon, which was located in Marie-Antoinette’s estate.

Marie-Antoinette had great passion for music. Her favourite instrument was harp.

The Temple of Love, built entirely out of marble. We just took a glimpse of it from afar. Too tired to walk to see it up close.

Back to The Palace

It started to drizzle again and our feet were still sore, so we made an equally painful decision to forget about visiting Marie-Antoinette’s hamlet and the rest of the gardens. Furthermore, it was getting late and we needed to catch our train back to Paris.

Back onto the tram to return to the main palace. Best EUR 6.90 spent in Versailles.

Took a shot of at the North Parterre before leaving the palace. The sky already started looking dark.

Equestrian statue of Louis XIV outside the main gate. He was the greatest of all French kings. Became at the age of 4 upon his father’s death, he reigned for 72 years.

J’aime le Château de Versailles!

We left Versailles feeling tired from all the walking we had done, but incredibly happy with the visit. One day was just too short to enjoy everything the palace had to offer. I was a little sad for not being able to cover the entire 800 hectares worth of gardens, but it was okay, at least I covered the interesting spots. If only I could, I would want to explore every single inch. Perhaps take a kayak across the canal too.

Château de Versailles, without a doubt, was the highlight of my trip!


Messy Mummy said...

what a great experience!!
mm kurang ilmu sal tempat nie.. atau lebih jujur pernah KOT terdengar tapi tak pernah nak amik tahu...
its great that dieya dpt pegi n bagi ilmu sikit kat org mcm mm. hehehe...

amazing place lah... tapi letihnya berjalan. its hugeeeee!! kalau ngan laiqah harus pengsan tapi yerlah.. bila sekali fikir mmg EUR 6.90 rasa mahal sgt tapi kalau dah penat sgt.. mmg terpaksa jerlah kan :)

i like ur picture kat north parterre tu... cantik.. and you look sweet in pink :D

landscape lawa!!

dieya said...

it was a great experience indeed! mmg byk org pernah dengar pasal tempat ni (ada dlm buku sejarah kot) but tak ramai yg pernah sampai. alhamdulillah dieya berkesempatan tengok sendiri tempat ni. such an incredible place to see!

rasa tak puas explore garden yg sgt impressive tu.. rasa macam nak pergi lagi.. hihihi

ohhh.. thank u babe *blushing in pink* ^_^

JaJa'Z said...

humangaihhh..luas betul tempatnya..kalau berjalan tawaf satu tempat tu agak2nya berapa la kalori bleh burn kan..

Ouch!!! kena gigit ke nenen dia? ekekek

dieya said...

k jaja,
tersangatlah luas! mmg tak habis explore satu hari, especially for me yg mmg suka tengok tempat2 bersejarah ni kan. huihhh.. tak terkira kalori kena burn. confirm kurus lah.
byk2 gambo yg tu yg menarik perhatian k jaja yer.. cubalah tgk yg lelain.. penat dieya taip decription mcm travel channel tau :-D

Citarasa Rinduan said...

bestnya insan yang bernama dieya...

kak kan suka sangat mengembara, lagilah tempat2 yang banyak sejarah.. dan pelbagai lanskap y cun2...

doakan 1hari nanti ya..

dieya said...

kak ayu,
alhamdulillah rezeki :-)
dieya doakan kak ayu sekeluarga dpt pegi ke mana2 tempat yg kak idamkan ya!

PatinPasta said...

Ohh mi gato!
If I knew you would be doubting bout the tram, I would have warned you earlier.. TAKE the damn tram! Haha! (luckily we did). Jalan dalam palace tu pon dah lenguh kaki.

The place is really something uh?

dieya said...


halfway through the garden our feet mmg merayu-rayu minta rehat, tapi diteruskan juga memandangkan hari semakin petang.

even till now, i couldn't believe we made that call! perhaps it was the adrenaline, seronok sangat nampak garden cantik, terus said no to the tram without much thinking. baru halfway thru kaki dah sakit2, nyesal sungguh :-D

oh yes, the place is one AWESOME something!