château de versailles (part I)

If you were to ask me what would be the highlight of my trip, it would be my visit to Château de Versailles. I really looked forward to it, so much so that I didn’t mind going there alone, as the other girls wanted to stay in Paris. Luckily, Kak Faez decided to tag along with me at the last minute. Great, someone to help to take my pics :-D

We took an early morning train from Paris and arrived in Versailles about an hour later. Had breakfast at Starbucks and made our way to the palace. The moment I saw its gold-lined exterior from afar, I was immediately in awe. It was so big, luxurious and incredibly beautiful!

Entering the main gate, La Grille d’Honneur.

Heading to the information centre to get the estate’s map.

Look at the line! Fortunately we already bought our tickets in advance.

Already inside, with a map in my hand, ready to explore!

Château de Versailles was a huge complex. HUGE! It comprised of (among others):
- The main palace, where the royal apartments were located
- A very large garden with a long canal
- Two smaller palaces called Grand Trianon and Petit Trianon

In between, there were countless of statues, fountains and even a farm where Marie-Antoinette (the French queen who was beheaded by guillotine) played with her friends, imagining herself as a milkmaid at countryside.

The Palace

The main palace itself was an imposing building. It was French official seat of power from 1682 to 1789, during the reigns of Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI. Then the French Revolution happened and Napoléon I took power over France.

The Royal Chapel, where Louis XVI married Marie-Antoinette.

Beautifully hand-painted ceiling. Images of cupids and angels were common in bedchambers, to give the illusion of staring into the sky when the occupants went to sleep.

The spot I wanted to see the most – Hall of Mirrors. It was where Treaty of Versailles was signed, which ended World War I on 28 June 1919.

Specially dedicated to Kak Jaja :-p

The Queen’s Chamber, richly decorated with flower motives and gold trimmings.

Tapestry on the wall of The Queen’s Antechamber of the Grand Couvert. In this room, the king and queen had dinner every evening while others watching. Louis XVI would eat heartily, but Marie-Antoinette would not even remove her gloves. She hated eating in public. While her husband enjoyed his meal, she would listen to music.

The Dauphine’s Drawing Room, where the dauphine (the future queen) chillax with her friends.

The Dauphine’s Bedchamber. Three kings of France (Louis XVI, Louis XVIII and Charles X) were born here.

The Dauphin’s Bedchamber (notice the missing “e” indicating masculinity), where the future king slept. I liked this room the most.

Done browsing the main palace, we took a break for lunch at Le Grand Café d’Orléans at its ground floor.

It was drizzling outside, so we couldn’t go out anyway. To visit the rest of the estate, we would have to walk outside through the large gardens. So we stayed at the café enjoying the apple pie and wrote some postcards while waiting for weather to dry.

To be continued...


JaJa'Z said...

hahaha..kali ni punya pic betul2 mengganas..tak daya betul dieya ni..ada lagi ek stok gambar2 macam tu..? hehehhe

Hjh Noralenna Abbas said...

Hi dieya,
Apalah, si togel...Jangan pandang lama-lama.....

dieya said...

K jaja,
Amboi2 tak cukup ke satu gambo.. Siap mintak stok lagi.. Hahaha.. Gi europe nnt byk gambo gitu k jaja bleh amik, mcm2 gaya ada :-D

Aunty nora,
Btol2 jgn pandang lama2.. Bahaya.. Hahaha

JaJa'Z said...

akak takpe tgk..dieya tu yang kena tutup mata..ekekkek

dieya said...

k jaja,
dieya makan sunglasses beso.. pasal takut kena ketumbit.. hahaha

JaJa'Z said...


dieya said...

wakkakaaa.. itulah padahnya bila reply komen sambil tgk masterchef selebriti.. ingat makan jek :-D
i meant "pakai" okay!

Messy Mummy said...

omg! cool ghiler semua bedchamber.. harus kalau tido tak mau bangun2 :p
everythg looks so luxuries la.. termasuk gambar yg khas tuk kjaja tuh.. hehehe..
hall of mirrors tu.. hadoila.. curik chandelier dia boleh tak?

dieya said...

bedchambers tu semuanya sarat barat dgn hiasan. kalau i takleh tido kot, pasal pening kepala tengok byk sgt deco.. hahaha
the chandeliers kat sana.. my oh my.. tersangatlah cantik! nanti kita tanya pakwe kak jaja tu.. kot2dia bleh seludup keluar bagi kat mm satu lampu :-D

PatinPasta said...

Aisey.. how did you buy them tickets in advanced la? When we went, we had to make the long queue.. dalam hujan renyai2. Huhu!

dieya said...

i bought it online. laju je masuk, takyah beratur panjang tu. so glad i did that :-)
ala kesian.. next time buy online tau!