bonjour again, paris!

After bidding goodbye to my sexy black babies, we headed to St. Pancras station to take a morning Eurostar train to Paris. The moment we got out of Gare du Nord, I immediately felt the change in weather. Paris was hot!

Dropped our bags at the hotel and headed for our first activity, Seine River cruise. I didn’t do the cruise during my first visit, thus I was totally up for it. There were several cruise operators to choose from. We went for Bateaux-Mouches because their boats had open-air top decks, which would be perfect for taking pictures.

That was where we boarded, next to Pont de l’Alma.

The moment I saw that metal structure, I immediately thought, “Yeah baby, I’m in Paris again!”

The boat took us underneath more than 10 bridges. Guess why those people were excited to take photo of that particular bridge?











Hello boys!

Musée du Louvre, home of Mona Lisa.

Pont des Arts, the first metal bridge in Paris.

Pont Neuf, the city’s oldest surviving bridge, decorated with carved faces called “mascarons”. By the way, I wonder how those cars got under there.

Sitting by the river, watching boats passing by. What a nice way to spend springtime.

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, an architectural marvel. Took nearly 200 years to build it.

Statue of St. Geneviève, the patron saint of Paris, at the side of Pont de la Tournelle.

A police boat passing by. In the background, a cruise boat gliding underneath Pont de Sully.

Musée d’Orsay and its prominent giant clocks. The building was a train station built in 1900, now a museum renowned for its collection of impressionist paintings.

Palais Bourbon, the seat of French parliament’s National Assembly.

It was a clear sunny afternoon in Paris. A perfect weather for a cruise.

The best photo I took of Eiffel Tower. So proud of how it turned out!

A glimpse of modern Paris. Tall buildings with glass exteriors. Cars and train crossing a double-decker bridge.

Statue of a Zouave soldier. Parisians used it to indicate Seine River’s flood level. The highest one recorded was when the water reached the statue’s chin.

Done with the cruise, we spent the rest of the day going from one store to another till night came. I had always enjoyed checking out designer goods in Europe. Where else could you enter a Louis Vuitton store in jeans and sneakers without the sales assistant looking at you from head to toe?

Anyhow, things were never cheap in Paris, but we were lucky because Galeries Lafayette, the city’s most popular mall, was having a sale. Not only the goods were on large discounts, but more importantly the store closed later than usual. So of course, we did shop till we drop and went zzz!


Mamamya said...

menara eiffel...! t'inginnya nak ke sana... :) suka tgk gmbr2 dieya kat sana...semuanya cantik2...

Messy Mummy said...

shop till you drop lagi? terror sungguh nieh.. hahaha..

talking bout lv.. tak payah lv, masuk coach or any designers boutique dengan tshirt murah dah kena jeling2. i dun understand that kind of attitude you know... *luahan perasaan* hahaha..

nway, nice pictures lah... cuaca macam best sangat tuk pemandangan yg cantik tuh... i like!

JaJa'Z said...

kadang2 akak ni kagum sangat dengan dieya..sebab u could remember those bilding's name..kalau akak..nak sebut dah susah..inikan plak nak mengingat nama2 nya sekali..salute lah!! :p

pasai apa jenjalan kali ni mesti ada gambar sensored..kang dieya tu tujukan kat akak la tu gambor 'baik punyer' tu..heheh

ZuNas77 said...

mmg respect la kat u babe...jalan2 sakan..pastu nama2 satu2 tmpt and building suma igt..kalau i jgn arap ler..hehehe...

dieya said...

k lieya,
one day akak pulak gi ya.. kalau gi paris tak tgk eiffel tower tak sah tau!
thanks! seronok amik gambar when the weather is nice.

byk shop utk org benornya. biasalah kalau ke paris kan, byk kiriman2 yg perlu ditunaikan ;-)
samalah kita! tuh yg malas nak masuk boutiques kat mesia.
i totally enjoy taking pics from the top deck. puas hati tengok pemandangan sekeliling.

k jaja,
kalau nama2 building or tempat biasanya dieya senang ingat coz suka nak tau what are their significance. kalau terlupa senang je, bukak ler balik map :-D
gambo censored yg ni takleh tujukan kat k jaja. nanti bg k jaja gambo lain...

i mmg suka study pasal tempat2 yg pegi, then i can appreciate apa yg menarik pasal tempat tu. so secara tak sengaja mmg ingat lah. kalau tak ingat pun google bleh tolong ingatkan.. hahaha

PatinPasta said...

Haha! Turun bot je terus shopping ye? Siap tau mall apa ada sales bila tu.

Am amazed on how many photos that you were able to take on the boat cruise! I only got to take some (tak tau nak toleh ke mana, banyak sgt nak tgk :D).

dieya said...

hahaha kebetulan masuk je mall tu, papan tanda SALE terpampang di mana2. alangkah gumbiranya rasa hatiku.
maybe because it was my 2nd visit to paris, i already know how the buildings looke like. lebih kepada nak capture nice shots from the boat. so glad i went for it!