white water rafting at sungai itek

After a hearty lunch and good rest, we were all fueled up for the next adrenaline rush - white water rafting!

I hereby risk my life...

Happy faces on the lorry en route to Sg. Itek.

Very fast. No joke.

Before we could get into the raft, each of us had to do “water confidence”. What’s that? Wear a life jacket, lie on the river’s surface, let the strong current take you downstream and try not to drown. Super scary. I must have swallowed a gallon of water before I reached the river bank. Brrpp.

Off you go. Don’t forget to grab the rope when so the instructors can pull you to the side. Else you’ll be sailing all the way to the sea.

A group photo before we start.

Make sure you wear the right shoes..err.. sandals.. err.. shoendals?

Now let’s get the party started!

Paddle forward! Paddle backward! On the rope! Boom boom! And yeah, I’m the pilot!

Give way, we’re coming thru!


After a couple of hours of paddling, we reached the end of the course. We were greeted with a good meal and a group of elderly people enjoying karaoke. The speakers were blasting dangdut songs and off-pitched senior version of Inul and Rhoma Irama. Oh wait, some of us decided to join party too..

..and this is what happens when dangdut meets salsa!

Back on the lorry to return to Gua Tempurung, where we parked our cars. All smiles :-)

How was it? Scary? Yes. Fun? Definitely! Something you should try at least once in your life. To answer some obvious questions:
- Yes, our raft did capsize once.
- Yes, I went underwater when it happened.
- Yes, I got a little panic. Just a little, thanks to the “water confidence” training. Otherwise it would be a big panic!
- Yes, sometimes the raft went flying that I almost got thrown out. Almost.

Despite of the above, I totally encourage you to give it a try. I think the course at Sg. Itek is good for beginners. There’s another one in Kuala Kubu Baru, not sure of the difficulty though.

What? Too easy for you? Then go to Sg. Padas in Sabah, it’s professional level.

Me? Dunno how many rafting sessions I gotta do to get to that level. Till then, no thanks. I’ll just watch you from dry land and pray that I’ll see you walk out alive at the end!

P.S.: I’ve yet to like this new Blogger template.. hmm..


Hjh Noralenna Abbas said...

Oh no! Not for me!!

Mamamya said...

haishhh....no..no..no... takutnya dieya! klu mmg tidak lah...udah ler x pandai berenang...huhuhuuuuu tp nampak mmg menyeronokkan jer kan...hilang stress kat tempat keje...blh jerit kuat2.. :)

Mamamya said...

***klu akak.. (t'tinggal plak p'kataan 'hakak' tu.. ) hehe

dieya said...

aunty nora,
what about the dangdut dance? that one you can do ;-)

k lieya,
takut mmg takut.. mcm2 doa baca.. tapi once dah buat mmg best sgt! jerit tu toksah ckp laa, lari kot ikan2 kat sungai tuh.. hahaha

Messy Mummy said...

Alhamdulillah dah buat dah - mungkin tak sehebat dieya jer. Tapi for another try.. no thanks kot. Since i can't swim jadi paranoid sangat2 kot.. Cukuplah sekali..

Tapi agree ngan dieya, sapa tak pernah.. go try.. so much FUN!

Shoendals??? hahaha

Cik FaRiZaM said...

seronokk dan mencabar....

dieya said...

cayalah! org yg pandai swim pun panic gak.. coz air dia laju kan.. tak daya nyer nak kuak lentang
yeah, shoendals buatan sendiri tu. boleh lawan kasut gombak :-D

cik farizam,
yea benar! try laa :-)

ieda said...

wahh seronoknyee xtvt macam nie
nak2 gi ramai2 kan
hurmm tapi akk still takut huhuh

PatinPasta said...

Haiya.. serious tabek spring to you! Sungguh berani! I can't swim so takat tumpang excited tengok je la.

Hey, am liking all these adventurous activities that you're doing. Go Dieya go! Thanks for sharing with us :)

dieya said...

k ieda,
kalu gi ramai2 tak takut punyalah. seronot!

even if u can't swim u can still do it. pakai life jacket laa. yeah i'm so totally into ecotourism now! no preblemo nada chica!