red baby’s bikini

Oh yeah, my Red Baby got a bikini!

First I went to Panasonic’s outlet to find an original hard waterproof case for Red Baby. They didn’t have it, simply because Red Baby’s model didn’t come with one. The salesman suggested I order a customised case online and gave me a website address. I bet it would cost a bomb. Even a readymade case would easily cost RM400, what more a customised one.

I remembered seeing a tourist carrying a more flexible version of the case when I went snorkeling in Maldives. It was like a zip-lock bag with a “nose” for the lense. Plan B was to find one of those. Gosh, it was a tiring search. I went to nearly every camera shop in Low Yat, none of them got it. One salesgirl told me she already had three customers asking about it that day.

What now? Plan C? Put Red Baby in a zip-lock bag like a carrot?

Went home and surfed the net. Found an online camera shop that sells waterproof cases for cameras, videocams, iPhones, iPads (wonder why anyone would want to bring iPad when they go snorkeling..?), you name it. A whole lot cheaper too. The one that could fit Red Baby only cost RM99. The best part was they could deliver it in 24 hours.

Placed my order. The next day…

…it arrived in my hands!

I tried stuffing it with tissues and soaked it in a pail of water. The tissues remained dry. Awesome, my Red Baby would be safe in it.

One sexy looking chick ready to go splashing!

Got a matching brand new LED torchlight. RM8 at the pasar malam. Super bright.

All set to get wet!!!


susumanis said...

nice..sound so sexy

~jeet~ said...

nak p mana pulak ni? siap beli bikini for red baby, your bikini mana? ;p

JaJa'Z said...

ni sah2 utk xtvt last week kan..heheh

Mamamya said...

wahhh...mmg seksi lah!!! apasal dieya x b'tau akak..kat umah ada b'kotak2 torchlight mcm ni... :)

ije said...

nak gi mane pulak nie!!!! statement jeles.. hehehe

ZuNas77 said...

wow...bestnya!!!..murah gila tu Nad!!...ok i nak cari la for my canon if bawak pergi pool amik gambar anak2 kan..yeah!!

Messy Mummy said...

Aww... bikini sexy betul! hehehe.. dimanakah aktiviti berlaku? *nada menyebuk

PatinPasta said...

Setuju dengan Jaja. Bikini untuk red baby je ke, untuk tuan nye dah beli ke belum? Hehe!

Wherever you're going, have fun!

dyanna said...

things are always cheaper on the black market ;p

dieya said...

k su,
of course~! *sambil nyanyi lagu sexyback - justin timberlake*

my bikini takleh tayang.. takut ramai tak tido malam nnt :-p

k jaja,
hish.. reporter tak bergaji nih.. takleh nak bikin surprise langsung!

k lieya,
laa yer ker. kalu bawak headlamp askar pun bagus gak kan. lupa lah.

kekdahnya yg sorg tu dah jadi committee member, haruslah i mengekor xtvt rekreasi.

mmg murah sangat! berbaloi2 gitu. tak masuk air langsung my red baby.

aktiviti akan diterangkan sebentar lagi!

ish2 ramai betul nak tengok tuan nyer punya bikini yek.. nnt i tayang.. jgn ada yg tembel mata lak karang

as always! hey glad to have u back! miss u lots *hugsss*

Zuraida said...

gimme the site address...i want one too sbb have bech excursions lined up in may and june....this would come super handy!

dieya said...

go here:
they are dicapac's distributor in malaysia.

btw before you buy, check your camera's fitting on dicapac's website here:

happy shopping beach babe!