paypal ain’t my pal

Any of you use PayPal? I don’t. But something weird happened between me and PayPal recently.

I wanted to buy something online. The merchant allowed payment by credit card, which was administered by PayPal. When I was about to make payment, the website asked if I got a PayPal account. If I didn’t, I could still pay. All I had to do was to enter my credit card details, similar like any other online purchase.

Then the weird thing happened.

The moment I click submit, I immediately received an SMS from my credit card issuer.

“Your credit card has been charged with USD 1 by PayPal.”

Then I looked at my computer screen. The window has refreshed. Guess what it said?

“This credit card cannot be used for online payment.”


You charged me USD 1 in a microsecond yet you said that my card couldn’t be used for online payment???

I immediately called my credit card issuer. True enough, my card was charged with USD 1 by PayPal. I told the customer service officer that I didn’t make any purchase. How could I? PayPal said they couldn’t accept my card!

I asked the officer if I should file a complaint with PayPal. She told me not to worry, it was normal for PayPal to charge USD 1 when upon verifying credit card. If everything was okay, PayPal would refund it in 7 days.

But the Grissom & Horatio Caine & Mac Taylor in my head told me that I shouldn’t be easily convinced. So I did my own investigation. In Lowyat.NET forum I found my answer.

Lo and behold, PayPal do charge people’s credit card even though they don’t make any purchase!

What a bummer.

Can’t wait to get my credit card statement. Wanna see if PayPal indeed refund my USD 1.


JaJa'Z said...

memang ekna hati2 la dieya..bab2 credit card or waht ever online payment..mesti ada hidden agenda wlpun, kena beware selalu yek..

ehem2...ala2 CSI officer gitewwww :p

Messy Mummy said...

Aduhai.. tak bestnya macam tuh. Hopefully betu ada refund nanti. Tak aci betul main amik jer duit org :P

L said...

huu . nsib xgune.. xmemerlukan lg kot..

jom tambah ilmu sikit..=)

dieya said...

k jaja,
yup, walaupun mmg selalu buat online transaction, tetap beringat juga. kena pastikan company tu trustworthy. tengok gi, company yg glemer pun ada gak hidder charges nyer.
of course! maklumlaa, dah masuk 12 season training ngan grissom :-D

i hope so too. kelakar kan, org nak beli brg dia tak bagi, tapi dia charge kita processing fee boleh pulak.

kalau bleh elakkan, silalah elakkan. cuma kadang2 dah takde tempat lain jual benda tuh, kena gak beli online, terpaksa...

ieda said...

aduhh mcm mana leh jai gitu dieya . .... huhuh

PatinPasta said...

Isk! Tak aci la gitu. Buleh pulak charge even tak beli barang. And betul, time charge tu cepat je. Time nak pulangkan buleh pulak amik masa seminggu bagai. Huhu!

dieya said...

K ieda,
ntah laa.. heran btol apasal diorg suka suki jek charge usd 1 tanpa sebab musabab.

ya betol.. Time charge tu tak nyempat2. Klik submit jek terus dpt sms. Tapi nak beli brg dia x bg pulak.

Mohd Radzi said...

Salam, USD 1 still ok. Lastweek I kena USD 99.00 for stupid instruction for applying US Visa.I did inquiries wt US embassy. U know what they had told me? Dah banyak orang kena.

Mohd Radzi said...

Salam, USD 1 still ok. Lastweek I kena USD 99.00 for stupid instruction for applying US Visa.I did inquiries wt US embassy. U know what they had told me? Dah banyak orang kena.

ZuNas77 said...

I never trust online shopping with credit card....except for flight tickets and hotel booking je....bahaya okeh...they have all our info!! I hope u get back your USD1....duit gak tu kannnnn

dieya said...

good luck with your interview :-)

betul tu, kena pilih2 kalau nak beli online. oh tak sabar nak tengok credit card statement bulan ni.

think n fly said...

its called a hold charge.. every transaction does this. they will hold $1 to make sure account is active and vaild. Some places check for amount. Paypal hold the $1 for the transaction. They will return this $1 or holding amount until the transaction is complete.
you will get that money back, they are checking the card to make sure that it is yours and see if the card is ok they will give the money back in a few days.