caving at gua tempurung

Have you been to a cave? Any cave? Before this trip, the only cave I had ever been to was Batu Caves. And the only reason I went there was because my colleague from Romania was in town and she really wanted to see the place.

Gua Tempurung was my first ever real caving experience. Woke up early. Drove from KL at 6:30am. Arrived there two hours later. Had breakfast at a small food court in front of the cave. Then the exploration began!

Get your tix here. There are 4 types of tours to choose from.

We took Tour 3 = 2.5 hrs + 2.4km + wet!

Listening to the briefing.

Now let’s get in!

Wonderful art of nature.

The early part was easy. Just walking on platforms.

The guide stopped every now and then to brief on interesting spots. But we didn’t hear much as the group was too big.

Up and up we went.

And suddenly.. I saw.. an eyesore! Ugh!

Yet another eyesore! Double ugh!

We had to slide down a slope..

Get into a hole..

Crawl in the water..

Yet still able strike a pose :-D

After 2.5 hours, we saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

A group shot before exiting the cave.

Yummy food waiting for us outside.

Lunch time!

So how was it? Tiring but fun! If you wannna give it a try, forget about Tour 1 and Tour 2, those are child’s play. Go for Tour 3 or Tour 4, you’ll be in for a great adventure.

How to get there? Drive up north using PLUS highway and get out at Gopeng exit. As you leave the toll plaza, turn left and drive another 2km or so till you see a signboard to Gua Tempurung. Turn left, go 2km more and you’ll reach the parking space.

What to bring/wear? Quite a bit.

1) Dry bag to store your precious mobile phones and car keys. If you don’t have one, put the stuffs in a zip-lock bag, or a plastic bag, or a Tupperware. Then put them in a backpack you don’t mind getting wet.

2) Waterproof casing for your camera. Red Baby’s bikini, remember?

3) Headlamp. Some points of the cave are pitch black. Normal torchlight works too, but rather troublesome to hold.

4) Water shoes with good grip. The cave’s floor can be quite watery, with sharp stones too. No water shoes? Crocs will do.

5) Gloves and knee pads. You’ll be squeezing into spaces merely 2 feet in height. Unless you are 5 years old, you’ll have to crawl. On sharp stones. Ouch.

6) Thick track pants that doesn’t get heavier in water and easy to dry i.e. those made of lycra. And I repeat, thick. Because you’ll be doing some sliding and you won’t want to reach the bottom with a hole in your ass.

7) A friend told me to wear skin socks to keep leeches away. But I didn’t see a single leech when I was there. Anyway, it’s a good tip to remember.

P.S.: That was only the first half of the day’s adventure. Second half is coming with more water, more energy and of course, more fun!


JaJa'Z said...

kalau xtvt ni tak tau la akak dapat joint ke tak..akak kan fobia tempat sempit..main kena merangkak2..masuk2 lubang..mau akak pengsan tersesak nafas kat situ...but tgk dieya''s sooo much fun...

dyanna said...

Caves are not really my thing, but I do go inside a few once in a while. However there's always a slight feeling of horror when my mind starts to replay scenes from The Descent and you remember the picture circulating back then about syaitan di dalam gua Hira'?

Link: The Descent (

Btw, mcm mana tempat tu dpt nama 'Tempurung'?

Hjh Noralenna Abbas said...

Hi dieya,
Aunty pun masuk Batu Caves aje..itu pun lama dah dulu. The recent one was in Kunming, China. But your adventure in Gua Tempurung is not for me, halfway boleh lah. But when 'they' will ever learn, the scribbling and the trash, spoil aje lah!

dieya said...

k jaja,
best laa k jaja.. kena try dulu baru hilang fobia :-D

come to think abt it, it does look scary if you stare too long. i don't remember the shaitan pic.. perhaps i deleted the email without even opening it.. hahaha
i wonder abt the name too.. mcm takde kaitan kan.

aunty nora,
kalau taknak yg lasak2, boleh amik tour 1 or tour 2. leisure caving, jalan atas platform je.
yeah i totally agree on the trash, buat malu je kan.

Messy Mummy said...

Sejenak dua jenak nie aktif betul dieya wat outdoor xtvt yer... tapi baguslah.. tetambah tgh muda nie.. gie lah bergumbira dengan alam :)

mm tak minat gua.. banyak sgt benda negative dlm kepala.. takut tu takut nie..(ngada2 lebih)

tapi... seronoklah tengok gambar2 dieya nie.. part sempat pose yg best tuh.. hahaha..

Ren Din said...

Wahhh... seem fun! *very*
Sangat jeles sebenarnya. Have to wait for lil babies got a bit bigger before doing this kind of activities again. Tapi, keep on posting, can't hurt to marvel on others adventures =)

Zuraida said...

girl ur so active i just don't know how u do it! i am barely surviving with work and classes to a point of suffocation dy.... :)

Zuraida said...

girl ur so active i just don't know how u do it! i am barely surviving with work and classes to a point of suffocation dy.... :)

dieya said...

yeah mmg enjoy sgt buat outdoor activities. rasa macam zaman sekolah dulu, in fact much better coz tak kena marah ngan cikgu selalu.. hehehe
kalu takut gua, gi prektis masuk batu caves dulu.

ren din,
super fun indeed! once the babies pandai berjalan boleh pegi family adventure. thanks, glad to know u enjoy reading em :-)

all the more u need the break!
same here, life has been hectic at work. not to mention my dissertation has yet to start. weekend getaways such as this keeps me sane ;-)

Sha@Mama Tina said...

Dieya.. akak masuk gua tempurung ni masa dia lom famous cam ni lagi. Memang sangat exciting. Masa tu lom ada pape lampu ke pe.. memang betul2 semulajadi..

kenangan indah yg takkan terlupakan. Keluar je hujung sana tu.. basah2 sebab ada part yg nak kene meniarap lalu bawah batu.. hihi siyes serun tapi sangat best.

Ntah bila nak sampai lagi.. hihi bawak Tina? Mau menjerit2 dia kot takmo lalu dlm tu hahaha...

Mamamya said...

rasanya semalam baru tgk kat TV3..klu x silap rancangan 'sarapan' host dia ada masuk kat gua tempurung ni..

akak mmg x penah masuk mana2 gua pun kat m'sia ni...

p/s;dieya akak xder beli camera baru pun....guna hp cabuk yg dieya penah tgk masa dtg umah dulu tu jerk... :)

Erin said...

Err, i'm very claustrophobic so this is one thing that i will never do hihi

Nowwa Fitri said...

Bestnyerrrrrrrrrr!but I'm a how meh?

dieya said...

k sha,
pergh.. betol2 punya adventure tu! sure rasa macam masuk batman cave jek. katanya zaman dulu gua tempurung tempat komunis sembunyi.. err.. ada jupa komunis ka..?

k lieya,
aik.. TV3 buat rancangan sarapan dlm gua ker?
hehehe.. tgk gambo2 akak cantik je.. ingatkan dah pakai camera cap naga ;-)

u must try it once! ala.. prektis masuk batu caves dulu babe.. hihihi

ni lagi sorg kena preknis masuk batu caves!

PatinPasta said...

WOW! Adventure nye! Seronok tengok your cave activities, rasa nak join sama tau.

I've been to several caves before and yup, great adventure indeed.

dieya said...

oh yeah i remember the cave that you went in spain or portugal or somewhere.. kena turun dari atas naik bakul or something like that?
my first caving experience. best. boleh buat lagi :-D