australia - learning points

I’m busy, so let’s make this quick. Truth is I’ve actually forgotten many things about the trip, so this list gonna be short and sweet ;-)


1) Malaysians need visa to go to Australia. The airline can do it for you when you purchase the ticket.

2) Use Jetstar or Virgin Blue to fly from city to city. A friend said Virgin Blue is cheaper. Doesn’t hurt to check out both before you buy.

3) Another friend suggested taking a train between Sydney to Melbourne and/or vice versa. The view is fantastic, so he claimed. Too bad he only told me that after I returned.


1) Go to Paddy’s Market for souvenirs. Lots of choices. Average price.

2) Sydney Fish Market is a must visit. Super cheap lobsters I tell you!

3) Take a cruise from Sydney Opera House to Darling Harbour and/or vice versa.


1) Melbourne is shopper’s paradise. Go to DFO and Smith Street and shop till you drop!

2) Go to Queen Victoria Market (locals call it VicMart) to buy cheap souvenirs. Cheaper than Paddy’s Market in Sydney.

3) Try to find a halal kebab stall at a petrol station. I totally forgot what’s the name and where exactly. But it served the yummiest kebab I ever tasted.

4) Try the City Circle Tram. It’s historic. And it’s free.

Hooroo, mate! See yer tomorrer!


JaJa'Z said...

mcm tak puas jek baca cerita australia dieya..tapi takpe lah...enjoy jugak dengan segala story jalan2 next..would be gua tempurung's story ok... :p

Hjh Noralenna Abbas said...

Aunty belum baca lagi Australian adventure dieya, nanti kena duduk relek-relek, baru boleh. Have a nice, busy day, girl!

dieya said...

k jaja,
dieya pun rasa mcm tak puas je tulis. byk benda dah lupa.
yg itu nnt yer, akan diusahakan.

aunty nora,
okie dokie :-)
thanks aunty, u too have a great day!

Messy Mummy said...

Babe, thank you for ur travelog. To be honest mmg sangat2 berguna and mmg refer ur blog kalau nak MM or Mok g mana2 yang berkaitan..

I wish to sampai melbourne, i sure will intai ur blog kalau sampai hajat :)

*apa lagi yg terdelete kat friendster blog tuh? Sila sambung tulis yer...

dieya said...

no prob babe :-) sgt terharu tauuu, so happy to know berguna juga apa i membebel kat sini.
Rasa amatlah sedih blog lama tuh dah hilang. Byk dah lupa cerita ceriti syd n melb, tulis mana yg ingat jek.
Ada a few more places.. Nnt la yer kalu keluar semangat i tulis lg.. Hehehe

Aida said...

Thanks for the info at FB. Unfortunately, I've got to cancel my trip to Sydney coz tak dapat cuti!
Tiket dah beli dah.. So, burn macam tu je.
Maybe next time..

dieya said...

u r most welcome babe! oh dear kesiannya.. i hope u'll get to go there very soon!