6/1/2008 - good bye australia

Our flight was in the afternoon, so we had several hours to spend in the city before leaving to the airport. Fiza said she wanted to eat at Sydney Fish Market one more time, so we headed to Darling Harbour and took a tram from there to the fish market. After stuffing ourselves, we headed back to Darling Harbour and went to Powehouse Museum, because we saw...

...this! Unfortunately the special exhibition cost extra money (which we were not willing to pay) so we didn’t go in.

Instead, we went to see this fella, which was free :-D

Went back to the motel. Picked up our suitcases and took the shuttle to the airport. Went to the custom’s office to get our tax refund. The moment the lady behind the counter saw our stack of bills, she said “Always the ladies who shopped lots of stuffs, not men!” I looked around and true enough, there were only ladies around. And the two of us had the most number of bills for her to process :-D

Got our refund and boarded our flight home. The two weeks spent in Sydney and Melbourne was absolutely wonderful. I had all the rest that I needed, met old and new friends, bought more stuffs than I actually should, and most importantly, had so much fun!

Good bye Australia, thank you mate!


ieda said...

Loor nak balik dahhh, ada ole2 utk akk tak? :-)

dieya said...

k ieda,
hahaha dah balik 5 tahun lepas :-D