a trip to the land down under

Sometime in mid-2007, Fiza and I talked about going for a holiday together. After much discussion we decided to head to Australia for one main reason – our friend Erin who lived in Melbourne just gave birth and she told us to pay her a visit, offering us free roof and food for a week.

But Melbourne alone wasn’t much excitement. We wanted to include Gold Coast, but couldn’t find any available hotel of our budget and liking. Eventually we decided to add on Sydney instead. The plan was to fly MAS from KL to Sydney and celebrate Christmas in Sydney. Then to fly Jetstar from Sydney to Melbourne and celebrate New Year in Melbourne. Then to fly back to Sydney and spend a few more days there before heading home.

So brace yourself for our 14-day journey in the land down under!


JaJa'Z said...

suker sukerrrr!!! walaupun time tu kita tak kenal lagi..but reading ur travelling story make me feel sooooooo happy and excited! biar lah backdated pun..ok..cepat2 cerita...tak sabar2 nak baca ni..hehehhe

dieya said...

k jaja,
hehe tunggu yer.. kisah pengembaraan akan bermula sebentar lagi!

eB ezrin said...

biler la nk dpt cahnce jenjalan tmpt org nih. hu3

Messy Mummy said...

saya akan sabar menanti :D tapi jangan kasi tunggu lama2 yer

PatinPasta said...

Yeay! Ni la cerita ceriti yang hilang hari tu ye? Kitorang tunggu untuk baca tau!

dieya said...

tak lama lg sure eB dpt pegi. mesti first destination eB gi korea kan?

terima kasih di atas kesabaran anda. tu dan publish satu B-)

yup inilah yg dah hilang ditelan laman sesawang.. huhuhu.. story sudah bermula, slmt membaca!