master chef lentang

It poured cats and dogs that night. How on earth we were going to do barbecue in such weather? We had to find a strategic spot where we could hide from the rain. At the same time it had to be open so we could set up the grill. How about that? With all the woods and leaves around us being wet, trying to light a fire was a real challenge. Making in stick on the charcoal was another one.

After much effort we finally got it done.

Lalu master chef pun memulakan tugas.

Just started. Many more to go.

Fresh from the grill!

We did it non-stop from 7 pm till around 10 pm. Penat betul sebab cuma kami berdua mengerjakan ayam, sotong, udang dan sosej satu Coleman box tu sampai habis. The guys we busy making sure our campsite weren’t flooded and getting other stuffs ready. Once we got all the food grilled, we quickly went to shower. Rasa berlengas sungguh, basah kuyup dan lekat bau ayam, asap, rempah segala.

Just before midnight, the group that went hiking returned to the campsite. We were so relieved to see everyone back, safe and sound. They told us how tough it was for them to walk downhill as it was dark, muddy and slippery. Some just sit and slide their way through, like in a water park. A couple of people got injured, but nothing to worry much about. Just some sprains and scratches.

So we got together and enjoyed the barbecue, some which suffered 3rd degree burn. Bak kata one of the guys, “Resepi baru ni, ayam masak hitam.” Nak buat camne, tak pernah seumur hidup buat barbecue from scratch to end. Jungle style pulak tu.

Went to sleep in a happy mode. I learned many new things in a day. How to marinade barbecues. How to light a fire in the rain. How to grill without burning. Give me one more try, I’ll be much better at these!


JaJa'Z said...

3rd degree burn..hahaha..dah macam stage pesakit kat CCU jek...hehehhe..bbq ni pada akak kalau dapat rempah yang asli diblend..lagi sedap..tapi dlm hutan tu..bedal je lah apa yg ada..janji sedap..heheh

PatinPasta said...

Haha! So kira lepas ni buleh masuk Survivor la. Dalam hujan lebat gitu pon buleh nyalakan api. Tabek!

3 hours of grilling? No wonder la ada yang 3rd degree burn. But hey, personally I think those kind of things what make it more exciting, add sweet memories to the experience.

Glad to hear that nobody suffered bad injuries.

Mamamya said...

3rd degree burn pun klu kat hutan belantara gitu ttp sodap.. :)

~jeet~ said...

now that you dah tau, we now who will get the task kalo kita p berkelah sesama ye.. :)

dieya said...

Kak jaja,
Kalau nak namanya 'master chef', masuk je apa yg ada. Black pepper, kunyit, serbuk kari pun masuk sekali. Part burn tu yg lagi tambah perisa!

Mmg rasa survivor abis! Hampir give up nak nyalakan api. Nasib baik berjaya juga. Kalu tak litorg semua jd barbarian mkn ayam mentah.
Yeah, really glad that they all returned safe and sound.

Kak lieya,
Next time nak try buat 4th degree burn plak la. Bior sama kaler dgn arang :-D

Hahaha no problema nada. Tapi next time bawak kipas angin bleh tak. Lenguh laa kipas pakai pinggan.
Or shall we bring a microwave?

Anonymous said...

woit!!! mana pi gambaq dan komen2 yang gaul ayam sekerat lengan tu - siap tangan kiri pun sama gaul ayam ??? baru cek nak komen. dah delete tukaq ka?

dieya said...

ish hang nih, cuba scroll bawah sket, nampak jelas terang gambaq tu dengan ayam2 skali. spek mata mata hang mana?