hutan lipur lentang

Hello gorgeous people! How have you been doing? Good? Not good? So-so?

I’ve been really busy. Yeah.. yeah.. nothing new with that. But honestly, the last month or so has been really tiring. Been coming home late from work almost on daily basis. 8 pm was early. 10 pm was common. 12 midnight was more like it, sometimes even crossing over to the next day.

Okay, enough of my ramblings. Let’s talk about the long overdue story of my camping trip, shall we?

To answer most people’s question: No, I didn’t return to Sg. Udang. Amboi2, pantang nampak menda loreng2, cepat jek korang speku eh! Maka kepada sapa2 yg kirim salam tu mahap laa yer, tak dapek den nak sampaikan :-p

What did happen was my friend Ilani persuaded me to join the company’s backpackers club, which had been really active in organizing outdoor activities. So we went to their AGM in January, just to see. Found out that most of the members were engineering dudes (engineers, technicians etc.). Well guess what, our “just to see” presence ended up with Ilani being elected as a committee member, simply because they were happy “just to see” our new faces!

So this was our first trip with the club – a weekend getaway to Hutan Lipur Lentang, somewhere in Bentong, Pahang. Punyalah excited kitorang nak pegi, almost every day we talked about it. Ilani sampai ke Singapore beli hiking bag and sleeping mat. I mengendeng askar punya, lagi best, macam2 ada.

We carpooled to Lentang on Friday, late at night. Driver yg sungguh dedikasi langsung tak pandang kamera :-D

It was drizzling as we drove along Karak Highway. Stopped by Genting Sempah R&R for supper. Finally arrived at the campsite at almost midnight. By the time we put up our tents and got settled, it was nearly 2am. Zzzzz.

P.S.: Sambung esok. Going to blog hop for a while. Lama tak usha blog orang.


~jeet~ said...

welcome back ;) i pon bnyk hutang posting...sesama la kita berusaha nak siapkan ye...vamos!!

dieya said...

thanks! i baru perasan blogspot punya layout dah lain sket eh? si chica, vamos!

PatinPasta said...

Finally you're back! That goes for both of you!

Hutan Lipur Lentang? Masa kecik-kecik dulu kitorang satu family selalu berkelah kat sana :D.

So did you like it?

dieya said...

Yeah we're back! And guess what, we r back to spanish class too!
I super LOVE it! Very well taken care of, the place. Mmg best laa gi piknik situ.