4/1/2008 - back to sydney

Lan’s mum woke up early and prepared nasi goreng for us. She insisted that we eat a lot before leaving. We laughed and told her it was okay, we were only flying to Sydney, not back to KL :-)

Final pic with the ladies before leaving Melbourne.

Reached Sydney and check in at the same motel that we stayed before. Left our suitcase in the room and went to take a walk around King’s Cross while the sun was still out. After spending a few days staying in the area earlier, we figured out it was perfectly fine to walk around the place during daytime. And there were quite a number of interesting shops to check out there too.

By the way, I’m not going to put up any pics of Kings Cross in this entry as I’ve put them in the halal feature entry that I wrote much earlier. So if you wanna see them, check out the entry here.

Walked to Hyde Park, which quickly became our favourite spot in Sydney. Saw many banners saying Sydney Festival 2008 and realised it was going to kick-off the next day. Yeay! What a perfect way to end our vacation!

Love this shot. Taken at Hyde Park.

Couldn’t wait to enjoy the festival tomorrow!

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