3/1/2008 - baby’s day out

Time for Irene to join us berjimba-jimba! We had been leaving her at home for a couple of days now, so it was fun to take her along for a final ride with us before we return to Sydney.

Irene doing Coyote Ugly dance on Melbourne Oyster Bar’s tabletop!

Since I’m a huge Formula 1 fan, Lan took us for a ride along Albert Park, which is used every year as the circuit for Australian Grand Prix. We took speedy swerves along the corners where the like of Alonso and Schumacher cruise along, which was so much fun!

The pit lane and its infamous clock.

St. Kilda Beach with the lovely hosts.

Luna Park, yeay!

It was a really hot day so it was like drive -> get out -> take pic -> get in -> drive again. Lan patiently entertained our request to go here and there, yet almost every time he asked us “Wanna stop and go out?” we said “No! It’s too hot!” :-p

Went home and spent the night trying to figure out how to squeeze all the stuffs we bought into out suitcases for our flight tomorrow…


Mamamya said...

mesti bby irene dah besar skrg kan.. :)

dieya said...

irene skrg 4+ tahun. big gal already :-)

Anonymous said...

nadiya!! omg!! i'm in d picture! heheheh!


dieya said...

of course u r!!! but irene is surely the biggest star :-D