31/12/2007 - new year’s eve

Spent the entire day shopping at DFO. Lan sent us and his mum there as early as the mall opened and picked us up when it closed around 5pm. The damage? Don’t even ask. But it was worth every single AUD! If you are ever in Melbourne, go to DFO for cheap quality stuffs direct from factory (hence the name DFO = Direct Factory Outlet).

After dinner, we headed to the city for New Year celebration. It was still quite early but there were already a lot of people. There was some kind of fun fair going on so we spent the time trying rides and watching shows while waiting for the midnight chime.

Lan’s Angels. Sorang lagi tinggal kat rumah jaga anak :-D

There were several concerts going on at the same time. This one was for children.

Happy New Year Melbourne!

My most fav pic from the trip, perfectly captured by Fiza.

Checking out what else was going on.

Bumped into Yasmin and her bf. Had coffee with them before going home.


Messy Mummy said...

i always nak rasa new year kat tempat org. last year wpun s'pore.. penat sgt balik bilik tido jer.. hampeh betul kan..

bdw, gambar shopping kat DFO tu x ada ker dieya..? i bet u brought along a huge empty bag tuk spare :)

dieya said...

Kita sama! I love celebrating new year kat tempat orang. But the past couple of years holiday timing tak jive dgn new year, maka di kl saja lah.
Bag kosong sudah pasti. Siap beli vacuum bag lagik :-D

JaJa'Z said...

wah2..ala2 chalies angel gitu.....suka gak tgk gambo dieya yang ada latar belakang bunga api..nice..heheh

dieya said...

K jaja,
Feeling2 charlie's angels tgh2 org ramai. Gambar fireworks tu dieya pun suka sgt.

Fiza Ismail said...

so surprise you remember yasmin...i totally forgot her name ok! shame on me...

dieya said...

hahaha indeed i do! perhaps because i've always think that "yasmin" is such a lovely name. but i can't recall the bf's name, was it faizal?