30/12/2007 - stroll and stroller

Woke up early. Lan wanted to play golf, so the three of us plus baby Irene tagged along for a morning stroll along the nearby Yarra River.

Did some stretching...

...and some pushing.

A funny yet a little scary incident happened while I was sitting on a bench holding Irene. An old lady passed by walking her dogs (about 5 of them). Suddenly one of the dogs came running towards me wanting to lick (or bite) the baby! I was so shocked that I jumped off the bench with Irene in my arms and ran as fast I could to find cover! The old lady quickly grabbed her dog and scolded him. Bad dog!

Another funny incident was when we forgot to lock the brakes on Irene’s stroller. We were having so much fun laughing and taking pics that we left the stroller unattended on the jogging trail. The next thing we knew it was on its way into the river! Erin screamed “The stroller! Save the stroller!” and I went running to grab it just in time before it fell down the riverbank. We couldn’t stop laughing about it for a long while. Where was Irene? She was in her mummy’s arms, fortunately!

After Lan finished golfing, we headed home and freshened up. It was Lan’s off day so he said he could take us around town for the day. However the weather was so hot that we mostly spent the time in the comfort of his air-conditioned car and admired the view from behind the windscreen.

Stopped by Queen Victoria Market to buy souvenirs.

I found that souvenirs in Melbourne were a lot cheaper that in Sydney, so I bought quite a lot of stuffs to bring home. Irene was being such a darling, sleeping peacefully in her stroller while we enjoyed our shopping. Thank goodness I managed to save the stroller ;-)

Dropped by Universal Pizza for a fantastic meal.

Later that night, Steph and her bf came over to visit. Then the 5 of us (Erin had to stay home as it was Irene’s feeding and sleeping time) went to Crown. Took a walk around the mall but didn’t buy anything, stuffs there were quite expensive.

Entrance to the infamous Crown Casino.

Having fun!

Taking a stroll before calling it a night.


Messy Mummy said...

hahaha.. so funny. sib baik stroller itu diselamatkan dengan jayanya. caya lah!

dieya said...

Itulah, nasib baik sungguh. Kalau tak, i dah berenang kat Yarra River ala pam anderson gitu!