29/12/2007 - melbourne here we come

Today we would be leaving Sydney for Melbourne. Our Jetstar flight would be in the afternoon. After several days of breakfasting in the room, we decided to go out, grab some coffee and doughnuts and enjoy our food picnic-style at Hyde Park.

Starbucks + Krispy Kreme = Marvelous!

We then headed back to the motel to check out, grab our suitcases and take a shuttle to the airport. Boarded our Jetstar flight. Was truly impressed by how nice the look and feel of the cabin interior, despite of it being a low cost airline.

The pilot announced that there would be some turbulence along the way. I thought it was no biggie. It was a smooth flight, until when we were about half an hour to reach Melbourne. The aircraft started swaying and I started feeling like I was going to puke there and then. Fortunately I managed to hold it until we landed. Funny thing was when I finally had my chance in the toilet, there wasn’t a thing for me to throw up as I only had doughnuts in the morning. So I was just purging saliva and gas.

Erin and her hubby came to pick us up at Melbourne airport. I was surprised to see her as she was supposed to be under confinement. We headed to their house where their newborn baby was waiting with her grandma.

That’s the precious little princess!

Spent the rest of the day catching up with Erin. She told us how the tram system works so that we could go around the city on our own in the days to come. The nearest tram station was only a few minutes walk from her house anyway.

Going to start exploring Melbourne tomorrow!

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