27/12/2007 - a second visit

Remember I said that we went to Sydney Harbour on Christmas Day but couldn’t do much as most attractions were closed? Yeah, time for a second visit! Again we went to the harbour. But this time we were lucky to be able to board the morning cruise.

All set to sail!

Fiza said this one looked like a Malay drama shot :-D

The area where who’s who in Sydney (i.e. Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe) call home.

Underneath the famous bridge.

Me and my lovely travel buddy.

After the cruise, we thought of watching a show at Sydney Opera House. Unfortunately there wasn’t any on that day. But there was an orchestra performance scheduled on the day after. We bought tickets to the show and planned to come again tomorrow to watch it.

We then headed to Sydney Fish Market for lunch. The place was highly recommended by my cousin. “You must go there! Must!” she said repeatedly. It is outside of the city centre, but easily reachable by tram. I won’t talk much about did as I already wrote a special entry on it for my halal feature.

Next we went to Paddy’s Market.

Paddy’s Market is the place where you can get a lot of Australian souvenirs. T-shirts, keychains, kangaroos in all sizes.. you can find them all there. I bought quite a lot of t-shirts as the designs were really cool. We also went to the Chinatown area nearby and bought some cheap accessories.

Done with the day. Couldn’t wait to watch the show at Sydney Opera House the next day!


PatinPasta said...

Shot drama Melayu yang tak tahan tu. Hehe! Mesti tengah berjurai air mata sambil pikir nak terjun ke tak ni :D

Maya Marisa said...

you were right! you do look different now, more slender & lean & chick & cute & bla bla bla...hehehe
omg!!! u make me missed Oz a lot! jom buat rombongan cik kiah ker down under moh!

Messy Mummy said...

hahaha.. mmg drama melayu sgt. tapi x per, yang penting view lawa.

terus bgtau beli quite a lot tshirt.. compem cool sgt design nya. Wujud lagi tshirt2 itu? :)

dieya said...

ingat nak panjat railing bagi nampak mcm titanic gitu. tunggu leo dicaprio selamatkan.

kak pah maya,
ooh laa laa.. thank you!
moh2 kita gi lagik. nak beli sports attires. kat sana murah.

ala2 tgh shooting srama samarinda gitu. owh tshirts tu masih wujud tapi mungkin akan disedekahkan kepada makcik cleaner tak lama lagi.