26/12/2007 - boxing day shopping

It’s Boxing Day! Meaning it’s time to go boxing shopping! For the past couple of days I had been brainwashed by repetitive tv commercial that David Jones (Australia’s shopping mall, something like Parkson or Isetan) opens at 6 a.m. on Boxing Day. Yes, 6 a.m., in the morning! I told Fiza we must go there as early as possible as it’s the first day of sale.

So we woke up early and ate breakfast in the room while watching tv. The live morning news showed that people were lining up to get into the David Jones and it was only 7 a.m.! We quickly finished our breakfast and made our way there. True enough, when we got to the mall there were so many people that we had to queue just to take the escalator to the next floor!

The rest of the day was spent shopping, going to other malls and more shopping. By the time we headed back to the motel, we were super duper tired but absolutely satisfied with our purchases. And I realised that I only took one photo on that day...

...of the stuffs we shopped!


JaJa'Z said...

kalau la gi Aussie ni baru2 lagi..syok jugak kalau dapat FM dr sana..heheh

PatinPasta said...

Tuh dia.. koleksi handbags/segala bag pulak dah. Ingatkan dia stop kat koleksi kasut jek. Hehe!

~jeet~ said...

now that i've read your entry, i baru teringat, i was there a week before christmas in 2007 right in sydney.

i went for a meeting in geelong and decided to meet up with a friend kat sydney - 18th dec 2007, kalo tak silap~~ hahahaha...

another rare coincidence ;)

dieya said...

K jaja,
Nnt dieya bukak kilang fm laa yer. K jaja sebut je nak fm mana.. Aussie.. NZ.. Siam.. Tanjung rambutan.. Kutub utara pun boleh!

Alang2 dah murah, haruslah disambar!

OMG really?! If only u stayed a little longer we might hv met. Hehe mcm laa sydney tu sekangkang kera jeks kan.

Messy Mummy said...

errr... mcm nampak handbag jer banyak tuh? apa lagi la gamaknya yang dieya suka kumpul selain kasut? sgt kimora tau.. hahaha..

is it really2 cheap boxing day? i never bother before this tapi nak gak amik ilmu sikit (baba shopping ahhh)

dieya said...

mostly handbags and kasut pasal i kan suka matchy2 nih. baju kena kurangkan, lemari ku itu sudah sesak napas.
ooohhh memang murah! tapi org pun tersgtlah ramai. anyway i prefer pegi factory outlets kat melbourne. tak sesak and sentiasa murah all year round.