25/12/2007 - christmas in sydney

Ho! Ho! Ho! Shops were closed. Most places of interest were closed too. Nothing much to do but to walk around town enjoying the view. Fortunately Sydney was very easy on the eyes.

Sydney Habour Bridge. Another major attraction checked.

Of course, one can’t leave Sydney without seeing this!

Sydney Opera House was closed, so we couldn’t take a peek inside. Never mind, we still had many days in the city, we would surely go there again. Fiza told me that her aunt highly recommended going for a cruise, so we went to check it out. Too bad there was only one trip on that day and it was fully booked, because it was Christmas!

So we crossed the road and headed to Old Sydney…

…which was nicely decorated. Can you see the bridge in the background?

Anybody home? Saya nak beraya!

Managed to almost hide my excess baggage behind a pillar.

As everywhere was closed, we had some trouble finding food. Finally we saw McDonald’s at one corner. Thank God it was open! Had fillet-o-fish and walked back to the hotel. Saw a group of lost tourists who forgot where they parked their car. They asked us if we knew this road and that road. Tried to help as much as we could. Hopefully they managed to find it.


JaJa'Z said...

kalau gi oversea time krismas memang segala2nya tutup kan..mcm kita ni kat malaysia..at least peniaga2 beragama lain still buka lagi kedainya....


eB ezrin said...

walopn x der org tapi best la g2...
sng nk posing2 :)

Mamamya said...

i'm walking down memory lane with u.. (w'pun t'lambat sikit...)

xder org lagik best..blh buat mcm2 pose...nak jalan pun x takut2...

dieya nampak comel lah... :)

dieya said...

k jaja,
hari xmas itself mmg semua tutup. serupa kita hari raya gak. tapi 2nd day diorg dah start biz as usual, siap big sale lagik.

kalau ramai org pun tak segan gak. posing saja :-D

k lieya,
bila takde org mcm sunyi jer tempat tu. biasa penuh ngan org.
comel ker.. awww.. thanks! muahs!

PatinPasta said...

Aik.. time Christmas makan McD ka? Tak de rumah terbuka? :D

dieya said...

Puas ketuk2 tader org nak bukak pintu. Next time i masuk lalu chimney lah.