24/12/2007 - good morning australia

We arrived in Sydney the morning of Christmas Eve. The airport was busy. We were sleepy. Washed our faces and decided to hang out at the airport for a while as it was too early to check-in.

Good morning Australia! Photo taken a couple of hours before touchdown.

Left the airport around noon and took a train to Kings Cross, where our motel was. Before the trip, a friend warned us that the area is Sydney’s red light district. However, I honestly didn’t feel scared or unsafe as I thought I would be. Well, perhaps because we were walking in broad daylight. Checked in at the motel, freshened up and headed out.

Passed by Sydney Town Hall with Christmas tree on its balcony.

Arrived at the beautiful Darling Habour.

A German pal of mine called the place “fake”. Okay, maybe it does look quite pretentious. Like a scene from a soap opera. All nice and shiny. A bit over the top. Oh well, wait till he sees Putrajaya :-D

The harbour is surrounded by tall buildings occupied by giant MNCs.

Spent some time admiring the place, then we headed to the opposite way towards the city centre. Saw some nice malls and high end boutiques. We continued walking till we reached Hyde Park, a lovely city park filled with fig trees. Such a perfect place for an evening stroll or a picnic during summer.

Archibald Fountain at Hyde Park with Sydney Tower in the background.

St. Mary’s Cathedral. Fiza candid this while I was taking off my bag.

The infamous fig-lined avenue.

Still tired from the flight, we decided to end our exploration there and return to the motel to rest. On the way back, we dropped by a convenience shop operated by a nice Middle Eastern guy. Bought a loaf of bread, butter and jam to be our breakfast for the coming days, as our budget accommodation didn’t come with food.

A slow start for Day 1. More to come tomorrow!


JaJa'Z said...

nice2....cepat2 update..hehhe

Lelord said...

Fat? I don't think so...

Cepat sambung...x dpt pegi dpt baca pun jadi la hehhe

PatinPasta said...

Setuju dengan Lelord, mana ada fat nye maa? If you were fat, then what am I? Muahaha!

But hey, no flashy shoes aa? :D

Fiza Ismail said...

I remember ....we took train from the airport to our motel upon arrival. We had to drag our luggage + backpack....and walk quite a distance (actually tak jauh pun tapi kena tarik lugagge sambil lintas jalan)..nasib baik luggage ringan masa sampai. I love Sydney!!! Fake pun fake la... but i never feel that way. Love the habour and park!

dieya said...

k jaja,
iye.. saye cube.. kalu tak bz ye..

k lelord,
kalu long shot gitu tak nambak sgt. kalu close shot.. aiyoo.. teserlah lemak2 tepu.
baikkk.. sedang dlm proses menyambung cerita.

in later pics you'll see.. segan betol benornyer nak letak gambar2 ni *shy*
hahaha like i said, zaman budak beringus. zero fashion sense :-D

yeah! funny how we crossed the street with our big bags. nasib baik xmas eve, so not many cars on the road. i love sydney too! hyde park was really awesome! never thought of the harbour looking "fake" till i heard him said that :-D

ije said...

tak kesampaian niat kite nak gi Australia ek.. huhu.. bace aje laa..

dieya said...

heh, dah u tuh suka beno gi negara mata sepet :-p