1/1/2008 - a quite new year

New Year’s Day. Public holiday. Most shops were closed. Despite of that, Fiza and I took the tram to the city centre, as there was nothing much to do at home anyway. Took the free City Circle Tram and went around the city – twice! That was how bored we were :-p

In front of the library.

Nowhere else to go to, so we went to check put RMIT City Campus.

Fortunately David Jones was open!

Went home before sunset. Then we took a walk around the neighborhood. Kind of regret not taking any pic of it. Such a nice place to stay.

Well, never mind one boring day. Because tomorrow would be shopping day!


ieda said...

wahh banyak kenangan nie ;)

dieya said...

Kak ieda,
Mengimbau kenangan lalu.. Hik hik hik

ahkakbatik said...

ya Rabbi!!.. montel hang dulu dieya!!
kaktek tak baca cerita sangat... dok ralit tengok dieya montel!... ekeke..

dieya said...

jgn tak cayer! pisang montel pun tak montel camtu tau!
bila rasa2 dah naik berat.. tengok gambo2 nih terus insap..