sirih pulang ke gagang, ikan pulang ke tuan

3 days passed and I didn’t get any call from Pos Malaysia or Pos Ekspres or Pos Laju or any of its related organizations. So yesterday I called 1 300 300 300 again to check on the status of my report. The operator told me the mails were at Pos Laju Petaling Jaya. She gave me the address and phone number and told me the office closes at 7pm. Good, I could go there directly after work.

Made a call to Pos Laju Petaling Jaya to ask for their exact location. The guy said I could get there via Jalan 222. “Just take the turning next to Petronas, dirive on and you will see the office.” Sounds easy, eh? However as I reached Jalan 222, I saw a signboard saying “Pos Laju”, but the arrow pointed to the junction next to BHP, not Petronas. Wait a minute, did the guy say BHP or Petronas? Perhaps I heard him wrongly. The signboard was big and clear, it must be right.

So I took the turning next to BHP. Continued driving while looking left and right for Pos Laju. Down the road was a housing area. Then I reached a roundabout. Then I saw SMK Sri Aman. What? No Pos Laju? I doubted the office would be further in front as all I could see were houses left and right. Arghhh.. Lost!

Made a u-turn. Reentered the roundabout. Went back to the main road. As I entered Jalan 222 once again, I saw this in front of me...

...yippie yeay! I will follow you.. lalalalala..

And I did follow the van. Seriously. Sedikit cuak when it took some shortcuts.. lalu lorong kecik tepi kedai.. lintas pam minyak Petronas.. but I still followed it dengan harapan the van was going back to the office. Kalau van tu sebenarnya baru keluar nak hantar barang.. jawabnya I pun ikut laa pegi hantar barang jugak.. huhuhu..

Fortunately the van took me here. Phew!

Entered the office. That was when the drama started. Before going there, I wrote the serial numbers of all 5 mails on a piece of paper. When I showed the paper to the guy at the counter, he asked me to put the paper in a basket and wait. Then out came a girl and she picked up the paper. The first word that came out of her mouth was “Banyaknya!” in a displeasing manner.

What? You are complaining right in front of the customer that you have too many mails to look for? Gosh, you should be thankful about it, because it means you have more business!

My mails we brought out and I asked the staffs what was the problem that they couldn’t send the mails over? They said it was because the content wasn’t a document and it was overweight. I told them about Kak Jaja’s envelope that reached her safe and sound, so why were the other 5 mails treated differently? They didn’t have an answer to that.

Me: So berapa ringgit saya kena tambah nak hantar semua ni?
Pos Laju girl: Kena pakai Pos Laju. Satu RM 6.
Me: Jadi tambah RM 3 lah?
Pos Laju girl: Tak boleh. Kena buat baru. Yang lama tak kira.
Me: Mana boleh. You tak perform servis pun. Kenalah refund.
Pos Laju girl: Kat sini tak boleh bagi refund.
Me: Habis kat mana? *Tempreture sudah naik*
Pos Laju girl: Isi borang. Dalam 2-3 minggu baru dapat refund.
Me: Bagi borang.

Started filling the form, which was troublesome because it asked for a lot of info. I asked the girl if I had to fill one for each mail as the form asked for recipient’s address and I obviously had 5 different recipients. She answered by giving me more forms. As I was filling in the second form, the guy saw what I was doing and told me never mind, I could just fill in one form and put all the serial numbers there.

Pos Laju girl: Ada bawa slip penghantaran?
Me: Tak bawak. Kenapa?
Pos Laju girl: Kalau tak ada slip tu tak boleh claim.
Me: Kenapa pulak? Kan dah ada bar code kat sampul2 ni. Ikut je la nombor siri kat sini.
Pos Laju girl: Kami perlu bukti awak yang hantar sampul2 ni.
Me: Eh tadi kan awak dah ambil IC saya. Sekarang saya dah ada pun kat sini. Sah laa saya hantar. Apa lagi bukti awak nak? *Time ni tempreture sudah naik sangat tinggi*
Pos Laju girl: Nak kena tengok bar kod kuning kat slip penghantaran.
Me: *Tunjuk kat bar code berderet on every envelope* Ambik je lah salah satu bar kod ni!
Pos Laju girl: Tak boleh. Kena ada slip tu jugak.
Me: Panggil you punya boss *Seriously rasa nak terbakar sudah*
Pos Laju girl: Boss tak duduk kat sini.
Me: *Are you kidding me?!* Panggil you punya boss!

She went inside. And one by one all the counter staffs went inside too. There was only me at the front desk. God knows what they discussed in there. A long while later the girl came out.

Pos Laju girl: Orang kat dalam cakap mesti kena ada slip tu jugak baru boleh claim.
Me: Fine, anggap je lah slip tu dah hilang. So macam mana sekarang?
Pos Laju girl: Memang dah hilang ke?
Me: Tak lah. Tapi saya tak mahu laa datang banyak kali semata-mata untuk benda ni. So anggap dah hilang. Macam mana?
Pos Laju girl: Nak kena ada bukti awak yang hantar.
Me: *Waved the envelope to her* Bukan bukti ke ni?
Pos Laju girl: Ye, tapi kalau takde slip tu memang tak boleh claim.

Tersangat sakit hati already. It was no longer about me trying to claim for RM3 per envelope. Trust me, I couldn’t care less. RM3 x 5 = RM15 = Cheaper than the cost of a cup of Starbucks. And you know how often I drink Starbucks. It wasn’t about the money. It was about being treated fairly as a customer. If they could accept my IC as a proof that I was the sender and gave me back the envelopes, why couldn’t they process my claims?

Me: Pos Laju sekarang dah tak bagus ye.
Pos Laju girl: Pos Ekspres memang tak boleh hantar selain dokumen.
Me: Ye, saya tahu. Sekarang saya nak claim.
Pos Laju girl: Nak kena ada slip tu juga.
Me: *Fed up* Pos Laju sekarang memang dah tak bagus.
Pos Laju girl: Kena ada slip sebagai bukti you yang hantar.

Balik2 bukti. Seriously I was super tired and sakit hati hearing that the slip was the only bukti they could accept as proof of delivery. Sedangkan atas slip tu there’s nothing but a bar code number, which was exactly the same as the number on the envelope!

Me: Takpe, saya akan buat aduan dekat Pos Laju Head Office.
Pos Laju girl: Tapi kalau takde slip tak boleh claim.
Me: *Dengan nada paling sinis* Takpelah dik. Awak dah ‘banyak’ membantu. Terima kasih lah ye.

Grabbed all the envelopes and the complaint forms and drove home. On the way back Jalan 222 was bumper-to-bumper. Lagi bikin gua stress. Stopped by my favorite laundry shop. It’s operated by an elderly Chinese couple. Picked up my clothes and paid using a RM50 note. The uncle counted the balance, arranged the money nicely and handed them to me with both hands. “Thank you harrr...” he said with a smile. Just like that, my anger was washed away. Thank you uncle, for your excellent customer service. No wonder why a certain race, despite being given all the perks and privileges by the government, still struggle in doing business.. hmm..

Got home and repacked the fridge magnets. At first I wanted to just put each Pos Ekspres envelope into a normal envelope, but then I realized it is actually bigger than the normal one. So I had to cut all 5 envelopes open and use the cutouts as linings.

Back into my hands.

Time to swim again you fishes!

Going to mail them using registered mail today. Set your stopwatch. Let’s see how fast (or slow) they will reach the recipients (or back to me) this time around.

P.S.: I’m a Gemini. I’m a lover, not a fighter. But don’t make light of me, because I will knock you out!







All five white plain envelopes have been safely mailed to the intended recipients. I used registered mail which cost RM2.30 each. To Kak Lieya, Kak Lelord, Ninie, Messy Mummy and Erin, do let me know once you receive the fishes. I’m really eager to know if the good old Pos Malaysia is still better at this than its much younger sibling company.

By the way, please don’t feel like you all yang menyusahkan I. No, no, no! I was the one who wanted to give the fishes to all of you. And I was the one who decided to send them using Pos Ekspres. You all tak salah apa2 okay, so please don’t feel guilty about it. Just wait for your fish to reach your doorstep and put it on the best spot on your fridge :-)

Proof of delivery, yet again.

Hope all works well this time!


Messy Mummy said...

Sorry dear.. Mcm menyusahkn sgt2 dah nie. But thank you for ur sincere effort :)

Talking bout customer service meh? Sabra jer lah kn.,,

Hope today is a better day babe :)

Miss Sorbet Purple said...

ammagaddd...kalau i dh menagmok kat situ dah. fedulikssss

Mamamya said...

aduhhhh.....akak rasa sgt b'salah pada dieya la pulak :( baca n3 ni pun temperature ikut naik turun naik turun...grrrrrrrrrrr..!!!! dr mlm td lps dieya sms akak mcm dah dapat agak mesti ada drama yg mmg menyakitkan hati....

sori dah sshkan dieya...kene kuar modal lagik..aduhai.... :( mesti balik keje smlm penat n pening plak t'sesat2 jalan bagai...tambah lagik dgn a bad drama haishhhhh....x tau nak kata apa selain 'thank u soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much dear'

Anonymous said...

Babe, i cant help to ponder - who on earth came up with this super unpractical claim sop? Jom kita propose a practical & make sense punya process improvement on customer complaint procedure & claim administration. Pos Malaysia tak nak bayar pun takper, kira amal jariah frm us.
No puns intended, but this is one of the reason why most GLCs are not doing well in their business. Jgn marah if private sector & MNC in the same industry out perform them.
Opps sorry for the long comment. I pun berapi baca ur entry babe... Hehehe

Kak Pah Maya yg malas nak login

susumanis said...

sgt la memahami dan merasainyerr dieya..sabo yee..mmg kalau dgn dia org ni bole buat our days turns very the sour, sbb tu kalau bole elk sgt nak berurusan gan opis ala ala gomen nih..monday teman hub g buat passport kat subang jaya, de sorang minah ni despite org mcm semut kat situ dia buat keja gelak gelak n gossip gossip gan kawan sebelah, rasa nak je panggg n cakap weiii kerja cepat sikit la..x npk ke org ramaii ni...adoiiiii

JaJa'Z said...

yes! orang pos malaysia nowadays memang suka bikin drama...and skang ni jugak byk sangat masalah regarding their services..terlalu byk kelemahan...

awat plak bleh keluar isu berat terlebih..menda2 tu semua tak sampai pun 100g akak rasa even our kuda laut much2 bigger than the fish..haisshh..create la another reason munasabah kot ye pun..ish,..akak plak emo..

akak paham situasi dieya sebab akak pun byk berurusan dengan pihak pso ni bila pos cheese2 sos tu...sangat2 la sakit hati kadang2...

Shue said...

Darn it! mmg bengang dgn servis lembab dan byk plak birokrasi /SOP yg nak di follow sgt. Kut2 makin efficient oklah, ni makin nyusah kan customer. Haish!

dyanna said...

Grrrr!!! baca entry ni pun buat naik darah gue juga.

I don't think it's about any particular race, but it's more about the mentality of the people behind the desk.

I sometimes have problems with staff-staff sokongan di pejabat2 administration and they're like the worst.. can't never think of any alternatives, follow everything blindly by the book, and think they're above their job.

dieya said...

hey don't laa.. totally not yout fault okay. cuma dah nasib this time around banyak masalah pulak.
yeah, hoping for many better days ahead, for you and me too!

hahaha sudah penat balik kije, mau ngamok pun takde energy oredi.

k lieya,
ishkkk jangan laa.. akak tak salah apa2 okay.. benda dah nak jadi kan. oh part modal tu jgn dirisaukan. yg penting ikan2 tu semua selamat sampai.
u r mooooooossssttt welcome :-)

kak pah maya,
i wonder the same thing too. mmg unpractical to the max! and i totally agree with you. working with a GLC myself (and dealing with many others as well) i've seen this over and over again. memang susah laa for our GLCs nak capai the target to become world class mcm gini.

kak su,
omg part tukang jaga kaunter tak layan customer tapi sempat pulak layan gossip.. adalah sungguh menyakitkan jiwa raga kan! apa kes laa diorang ni, kalau takmo layan customer jgn la keje jaga kaunter. pi jaga stor ke, jaga toilet ke, jaga parking ke..

k jaja,
selama ni belum pernah ada masalah with pos, ini first time. part yg kuda laut sampai tapi ikan tak sampai tu paling menghairankan. k jaja dah bomohkan diorg ke? ;-)

itulah, lagi byk SOP, lagi byk red tape jadinya. bikin sakit jiwa customers jek.

you are right. i might be generalizing when i mentioned about the race. perhaps because yang jaga kaunter ni is usually of the same race di mana jua, thus i pun ter-stereotype-kan mereka. sorry bout that.
on thinking that they r above the job, sangatlah tepat sekali!

ninie said...

Gosh..!!!! Dieya..
what an effort!!!
kalau saya dah meletup kat situ!!!
(evnto' that particular cmpny yg u guna tu under our the servicessssss mmg sgt slow skrg!!!)
even kami kat opis ni pun naik menyampah dan mmg tak pernah tak ada drama...sure kena bergaduh mulut nak settle any issue pun.

Btw---terima kasih byk2---sbb susah payah re-send the fish back--and cost u again---hope that fish will happily with the 'new family' soon...

PatinPasta said...

Erk! Saya dok baca ni pon tumpang hangat hati tau! Lain la kita mintak service FOC, buleh la diorang buat ikut suka jek. Ni berbayor.. and dah siap bayor lak tu! Isk!

And I agree bout how obvious it is with certain races when it comes to customer service. I don't wanna be thinking like that but bila dah banyak kali kena, so kesimpulannye?

dieya said...

aduhai.. kalau u yg from the smae group of co.s from selalu bergaduh ngan diorg, inikan pulak customer luar kan.. hmm..
yeah i really hope the fishes will reach the 5 of u safely this time. don't worry abt what happened, benda dah nak jadi kan. it was a learning experience for me anyway. lepas ni tahu lah i kena elak guna pos ekspres yg sungguh x helpful itu.

tu yg i geram sgt. like i said, it wasn't abt the money, it was abt the customer svc.. abt how they treated their customers.. abt my right to get my claims processed.
my thoughts exactly. really hate to think that way, tp kalau dah sememangnya begitu.. apo laie nak dikato..?

Erin said...

Tumpang geram jugak...grrr! Tq so much...muah2 & sorry for all the trouble. Am reserving the best spot for the fish!

Anonymous said...

Hi saudari ,

"No wonder why a certain race, despite being given all the perks and privileges by the government, still struggle in doing business.. hmm.." BEWARE OF WHAT YOU SAID. RACE??? DO NOT - DO NOT GENERALIZE. BE THEM CHINESE MALAYS INDIANS THEY ARE ALL THE SAME. DI MAS PUN SAMA AJE!!! tourist passengers foreigners lebih dilayani. i am a frequent flyer of MAS and i observed these. So, POS LAJU, no exception. BANGSA APA PUN SAMA LAAA...NOTHING TO DO WITH THE "race" U ARE REFERRING TO. IMMATURE ACCUSATION AND OUT OF QUESTION! COULD TRIGGER RACISM ISSUE. BTW, 'THE RACE' TAK MINTAK PUN LEBIH2 TAPI GOMEN YANG NAK BAGI. What dyanna had said is true. Good awareness dyanna.

Dyanna said...

Dear anonymous,

Please don't be too harsh. I believe Dieya has the best intentions as she was writing this entry. We all say things that most of the time we don't mean when we are having a bad day, like this particular day, she clearly had a very 'challenging' day dealing with a very difficult person.

We shall not drag this issue any further.

It's true what you said about treating foreigners better than our own countrymen, it's like bagi discount kepada kualiti layanan. I noticed that too. Really hope we could improve on that. We are, after all, living on a two way street.

Anonymous said...

dyanna /saudari bloggers


Grrrr!!! baca entry ni pun buat naik darah gue juga.I don't think it's about any particular race, but it's more about the mentality of the people behind the desk.


ZuNas77 said...

Omggg.....darah i pun naik mencanak2 baca entry ni....gila punya menyusahkann org pos Msia nih!!, dapat org keje kat counter pun tapi PR hancus gilaaaaa

Aritu lg la,I kena dgn postman. I dh mamai2 makan ubat batuk nk tido...skali Ada org tekan bell....i tgk dr tingkap,ada postmen kat gate. Then dia tekan lg bell 2-3 Kali....I igt Ada parcel ke apa...rupanyaaaaa...

"kak,tolong amikan surat dlm postbox akak ni,saya tersalah masuk Surat"

Gggggrrrrrrrrr......pppfffffttttttt....rasa nak marah pun tak jadi....malassssss...hahaha

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

aku kena nih kat gomen hosp.. sabojer lahh..

btw, klw nak pegi mana2 gomen wise make sure ko ada semua doc & bukti2..

Anonymous said...