the hotel in paris

Satri asked me ages ago if I could tell her more about the hotel that I stayed in Paris, as she planned to go there in April. So here it is, some info about New Hotel Saint Lazare. To Satri, sorry for the very late feedback! I hope there’s still time for you to do your booking and get a good rate.

So why did I choose the hotel?

Firstly, it’s literally a few steps away from Liège metro station so it was easy for me to go to anywhere around town. I also felt safe going back late at night as I didn’t have to walk too far from the metro station to the hotel.

Secondly, it was a walking distance away from Théâtre Mogador where I watched The Lion King in French. Also a walking distance away from Galeries Lafayette, the popular department store in Paris where I went to watch a fashion show.

Thirdly, it may be a 2 star hotel, but the facilities are superb. You don’t believe me? Check out these pics.

Nice beds with clean sheets.

Chair, desk and LCD tv.

Squeaky clean and fully working shower.

Shiny toilet and fresh towels.

Can you get these stuffs at a 2 star hotel in Malaysia? I don’t think so. You are lucky if you can get these at a 5 star hotel! I remember staying at a hotel in KL that claims itself to be 7 star, yet when I saw the facilities, I felt like slashing 4 of those stars off their books!

The balconies, taken from the indoor garden. Very French ;-)

The hotel’s signage is clearly visible from the roadside.

Sadly I didn’t take any pic directly in front of the hotel. This is the best that I have.

P.S.: Writing this entry makes me miss Paris...


Hjh Noralenna Abbas said...

Hi there,
Aunty teringat lagu "I love Paris in the summer......" tapi aunty belum sampai sana, sigh!

JaJa'Z said...

Ehem2...ada terasa nak ke Paris lagi ke? jangan lupa FM utk akak..ekekkeke

Ikr@m said...

bestnya akak..asyik jalan2 je.hehe

Erin said...

nice! booked thru Agoda ek? mate, need some info too. remember my plan? ;) somehow the plan dah terlebih2 expand haha. nanti i text u...

dieya said...

aunty nora,
never heard of the song, kena cari kat youtube ni :-D
nx trip aunty pegi sana k, it's a really nice place!

k jaja,
pegi tempat lain laa pulak, byk lagi belum explore.

alhamdulillah, rezeki :-)

this one i booked through the hotel's website. oh yeah, what happen to your grand tour plan? no prob, anytime.

PatinPasta said...

Wow! Tu 2 stars ke? Nampak sungguh comfy tau. Lucky you.

Time gi Paris dulu kitorang stay kat 4 stars hotel (konon). Dengan bath tub stucked. Pastu buleh tak de hot water dekat 2 hari (dah la winter). Tiap2 hari kena tepon mintak toilet paper. The only good thing was, dekat dengan metro.

dieya said...

yeah sgt comfy and well maintained. dekat ngan metro plak tu. puas hati sgt. cuma takde breakfast lah.
ishhh, cannot imagine hot water takde time winter! ehemmm baper hari kah anda tidak mandi???
kalu 4 starts cenggituh.. baik dok youth hostel jek!