thulhagiri island resort

30 minutes boat ride from the airport jetty brought us to...

...Thulhagiri Island Resort!

Why did we choose the resort? At first we wanted to stay at one of their gorgeous water villas (apparently theirs are among the most popular water villas in Maldives) but the price was crazy expensive. How crazy? Say about RM 1,400 a night *gawk* and mind you, that’s the price AFTER discount. Before discount it’s about RM 2,700 a night *double gawk*. So we went for the next best option – beach villa, which was only a quarter of the price. We might not get to sleep above the waters, but we had the beach in front of our doorstep, which was just as lovely.

Spa on the left. Water villas on the right.

Walked along this beautiful stretch to get to our hideaway.

Our villa. Clockwise: The room, the verandah, the front, the back.

Our beach. Open the door and that’s the view. Awesomeness!

First on our to-do list - spa! A nap during massage gave us a taste of sleeping in a water villa ;-)

After the spa, Eila went back to the villa to rest. I decided to take a walk around the island and took some photos. It was a relatively small island, didn’t take me more than half an hour to circle it. The water villas were definitely gorgeous. The beach was white and sandy. Couldn’t wait for the sun to rest so I could jump into the blue waters without getting much sun burn tan.

Resort staffs walking on the jetty.

There were many of these bright green birds around the island...

...and I saw this creature too. What do you call this? Iguana?

It was a sunny and windy day at Thulhagiri!

Went back to the villa. Took a good nap while waiting for the evening to come. Woke up a few times in between as I was just too excited to run out of the door and jump into the sea! Couldn’t remember how many times I asked Eila “Why is it still hot outside?” and chanted “I wanna swim! I wanna swim! I wanna swim!” again and again and again. I bet if she wasn’t so tired she would have thrown me out of the door :-p

The evening finally came. Changed into our wet suits and jumped into the beautiful Maldivian waters. It was awesome. The lagoon was flat, even if your swimming skill was nonexistent, it would be impossible to drown. Saw an Arab couple taking a dip nearby. The wife went into the water dressed in abaya, covered from head to toe. I couldn’t even see her eyes.

By the way, speaking of attire, saw this on TV while getting ready for dinner...

...a Maldivian newscaster wearing a bun on the side of her head.

Dare to try this new hijab style?


Shue said...

ohmygod! what a gorgeous resort!! and the water look so delicious.haha

JaJa'Z said...

wah!!!! best best best..kalau akak ada sekali..time2 tu jugak akak ajak dieya terjum masuk laut..hehhe syoknyaaaaa...

and my first time looking u wearing a long skirt..sweetnya diaaaaaaa :p

eB ezrin said...

alamak dieya.... best sgt2... suker :)

dieya said...

absolutely! couldn't to jump in! taste-wise, still salty though ;-)

k jaja,
kalau ikutkan hati mmg nak terjun time tu jugak. tapi mengenangkan matahari tegak atas kepala, tak sanggup ler pulak. petang tu bila dah redup baru mandi laut puas2.
thank u k jaja, kena tambah stok long skirt camnih ^_^

mmg best sangat! pun suka juger :-)

Kazman myPillBoard said...

ajar la kami dua tiga patah perkataan Maldives. apa bahasa rasmi dorang?

dyanna said...

Saya rasa saya sudah jatuh cinta pandang pertama tengok laut yg berwarna bitu muda itu...

Mamamya said...

cantiknya view kat sana yer...mesti rasa nyaman sungguh dok tepi pantai tu... :) hijab style tu x mo try arrr...;P

Maya Marisa said...

I dok la carik gambar u pakai bikini....hehehe
Cepat upload more photos. I never get enough of their pristine white sandy beaches...

Messy Mummy said...

the water.. waduhhh.. tenang jiwa.. rasa macam nak tumpang terjun :)
nie kalau layan spa satu hari satu malam pun tak per.. tempat terlampau menarik..

lucky said...

omg!! (pengsan)
feel like jumping in the clear blue water!!

dieya said...

bahasa rasmi diorang namanya "Dhivehi", asal daripada bahasa Sanskrit yg kita selalu baca dlm buku teks sejarah zaman sekolah dulu. tulisan dia ada rupa jawi sket2.
nak belajar? apa khabar = haalu kihineh

owh itu maknanya anda perlu ke sana secepat mungkin!

k lieya,
mmg cantik sgt kak. dok tepi pantai tu sgt best. tapi kena nyorok bawak pokok kelapa, kalau tak mau hangus dibuatnya.
ala.. try la.. musti tuan komando terpegun tgk bini dia pakai sanggul kat telinga :-D

the beaches are superb! nanti2 i upload lagi yek. psssttt.. gambo bikini i tunjuk kat u je tau.. jgn kasitau org lain..

jom kita terjun beramai2! mmg rasa nak spa je hari2, very relaxing. tapi agak mahal spa kat sana, maklumlah tengah laut.

wake up babe.. wake up.. *tampar2 pipi u* :-D
yeah, exactly how i felt the moment i got there!

PatinPasta said...

Waaaaaah jelesnye! The place look ridiculously awesome and amazing! How come the water is extremely clear, eh? Tengok gambo pon rasa nak terjun, so can't blame you if you've been chanting bout jumping in the water (or if your friend threw you into the water :D)

And the q is.. so, did you use your polka dot bikini?

dieya said...

memang clear sgt airnya.. so unspoilt.. indah sungguh ciptaan tuhan. boleh nampak shark lagi.
owh.. let's do a bikini parade with me?

epa_is_fred said...

mind sharing all the expenses (accomodation+transport+meal)? thank you.. and very nice blog!

dieya said...

hi epa,
sorry for the late reply, i've been super duper busy.

accommodation at resorts are expensive. a twin sharing room can easily cost you RM 400-500 a night. check out online booking sites i.e. agoda, they usually have good discounts.

transport.. return ticket kl-male is about RM 1,200.

meal.. if you take full board accommodation, meals are included.