maldives - learning points

1) Always book a hotel/resort with airport transfer. Taxis are few and far in between, more so after dark. So better get your transport pre-arranged.

2) If your flight arrives at night, spend the night in the city and go the resort the next morning. Why? Because you can save a lot of money by avoiding an additional night stay at the resort. Just so you know, the price per night at a resort is easily 3 times higher than a hotel in city.

3) To get from the airport to any island resort, you need to ride a boat or a seaplane. Islands closer to Airport Island are reachable by boat and the fare is reasonable (about RM 300 return per person). Islands further away require a seaplane and the fare is super expensive (about RM 1,000 return per person). So even though you get a cheap resort, consider the kind of transport you require to reach there. You might end up paying more for the transport than the room itself.

4) Most resorts offer two popular types of accommodation - water bungalow and beach bungalow.
- Water bungalow: Very beautiful yet very expensive too. You’ll go to bed hearing ocean waves from underneath. Some people love it. Some people have trouble sleeping.
- Beach bungalow: Relatively cheaper. Nice for those who enjoy the sand. Still can hear the waves when you sleep, but not as loud.

5) Snorkeling is a must. Maldives has one of the world’s most wonderful underwater sights. Beautiful corals, colorful fishes, simply breathtaking. Don’t know how to swim? Don’t worry, you can wear a live jacket. But if you can swim, it’s a lot better.

6) Seafood lovers, rejoice! In Maldives, any meal made with seafood is usually cheaper than chicken or beef. Why? Because all kinds of meat in the country are imported as they do not have enough land for agriculture. Thus, no locally bred cows and chickens.

7) Avoid buying souvenirs in Malé City. The price is really expensive. Go to islands where locals live (i.e. Himmafushi Island), either by joining an island hopping excursion or renting a small boat. A fridge magnet that costs USD 8 in the city is only USD 1 at the island.

8) Maldives is not a shopping destination. Goods are mostly imported from India and China. Not much else to see other than superb waters. Those who love the sea will find it heavenly. Those who don’t will find it boring. Four to five days stay should be enough to experience everything.

A postcard to myself...

...with a pic of where I stayed :-)


Messy Mummy said...

terima kasih share tip.. sbb kalau ada rezeki org2 lain sure nak pegi jugak. tengok gambar2 yg before2 nieh pun dah cukup rasa nak terjun. tp kalau terjun sekrg bahaya.. x der air.hahaha...

anyway.. the postcard thingy.. MM rasa.. it's a good way to appreciate diri sendiri. good that u do it all the time :)

JaJa'Z said...

banyak tip2 berguna...
FM murah yek..utk orang ktn ada tak? hehehhe

eB ezrin said...

tq :)

PatinPasta said...

Hmm tak tau kenapa tapi kaler laut tu reminds me of Survivor, buleh? :D

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

woww... bestnyerrrr!!..

~jeet~ said...

again with the postcard ;) itu kisah klasik utk anak2 nanti.

thanks for the tips!!

Maya Marisa said...

i love it when you do a post mortem in all ur travel adventure. the dos & the donts are undeniably very informative to all of us.
kudos to u for taking the effort!

errr, pasnie, nak pegi mana pulak darling oooii??? me nak ikut bole? :-P

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

good info

Dyanna said...

My dearest Dieya,

What happened to you lar? Why so quiet one...

Maya Marisa said...

darling dear, why so quiet??? i rindu giler la kan tak baca celoteh u. come back soon ok dear!

Messy Mummy said...

hello, hello, hello.... where are you...? lama nieh hilang...

Hjh Noralenna Abbas said...

Dieya, dieya di mana menghilang?

Shue said...

Pi mana, lama x update?
suma org dah rindu bangatt neh..

take care girl, be happy wherever your are..

dieya said...

sama2 :-) kalau terjun takde air pun ok, tapi make sure ada tilam kat bawah yek. i baru je start with the postcards. hope to collect more of them.

k jaja,
every journey is a learning experience. fm? apa tu? :-p

welcome ;-)

nasib baik resort dia tak serupa survivor kan...

best sangat!

yeah! nasib baik sampai :-D

thanks! north pole jom? kita gi tengok beruang kutub.. chomelll!


been super duper hyper busy.. huhuhu.. but i'm back now! :-)

i know!!! i lagi laa rindu giler nak baca celoteh semua org. owh how i'm glad to be back!!!

hello hello.. testing 1 2 3.. yeah baby i'm back!!!

aunty nora,
tak hilang aunty.. been sooooo busy.. tak terkata.. now that the busi-ness has subsided, i'm back in action!

i pun rindu banget kat semorang!!! feels so good to be back :-)
thanks babe, u too! *hugzzz*

ibrahim wan muhammad idrus said...

Hi Dieya, nice beautiful island. Boleh tak bagi tahu macamana cara awak booking penginapan kat resort tu.

dieya said...

hi ibrahim,
maldives is indeed beautiful! untuk resort tu saya book online guna

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dieya for the info. Keep on travelling and I wish you all the best.