island hopping

Final day in Maldives. We planned to make it memorable by going island hopping, so we could visit as many islands as possible. Fortunately our flight home was at night, so time wasn’t an issue. Just that we had to pack up early before heading off so that the resort wouldn’t charge us any late check out penalty.

Island #1: Himmafushi Island

The wonderful thing about Himmafushi Island is that it is home to the locals, not a resort island. So I could see normal people living ordinary lives, doing daily routines. There were lots of nice little shops selling souvenirs and local handicrafts. Stuffs there were much cheaper than any other places that I had been to in Maldives.

Welcome to Himmafushi!

Rows of trees by the beach.

Colorful shops. Too many to choose from, I only dropped by a few.

A local kid on his bicycle.

A handicraft shop owner offered me a visit to his workshop, where I saw some of the locally produced items that were still in progress.

A shark can easily snap my head off in one bite!

Island #2: Paradise Island

Another popular resort island. What attracted my attention the most was its beautiful beach and abundance of colorful fishes swimming along its shallow shores. Also saw several foot-long white sharks. Lucky for those who stayed there, they didn’t have to go far out to the middle of the sea to see those gorgeous marine creatures.

Welcome to Paradise Island!

The resort’s signature long jetty...

...with pretty fishes swimming underneath.

My first time seeing live squids! So excited!

In red circle: Shark! There were many of them actually. And those people swam ridiculously near to them, no fear whatsoever.

Who’s hotter now?

Island #3: Picnic Island

A very tiny island, just as big as a football field. As the name suggests, it’s only purpose is for people to have picnic. Our island hopping package included lunch there. Due to shallow waters surrounding it, our big boat couldn’t go too near. So they prepared a small boat to bring us from the big boat to the island in two trips.

The small boat on its way to pick us up.

Arrived for our lunch picnic.

That’s the entire island. All it has is a dining hut, several beach chairs and that small white building at the back is the washroom.

The lunch might not look appetizing but taste-wise it was really yummy! I went for a second serving!

The dining hut from the inside...

...and from the outside.

Time for siesta.

Pretty white birds along the shore.

Island #4: Bandos Island

This island is actually very near to Thulhagiri (where we stayed), thus we went there on our way back. Nothing much, just another resort island. Naseer’s (our boatman) cousin has a painting shop there. Coincidentally, Eila had been looking to buy a painting to bring home, so it was great that we got the chance to go there.

Welcome to Bandos!

While Eila got a painting, I got myself a Maldives map.

Enjoying mocktails before heading back to Thulhagiri.


eB ezrin said...

shark? u nedd 2 fear? sure? hu3

JaJa'Z said...

whose hotter? alaaa..u better wearing two pieces also laaaaa..baru la bleh compare..hehhehe.tapi bagi akak..u still the sweetesttttttttttt..heheh

Lelord said...

huhuhu ahahahhhaa tetiba lak nak terbayangkan 2 pieces cam jaja sebut tu...pheeeweeet

bestnya dieya...cantik btul bila la leh dapat jenjalan cenggini

dieya said...

oh yeah, i still want my head intact :-D

k jaja,
owh two-piece tu memang selalu pakai, just takmo tayang jek.. karang ada yg tak tido malam lak.. kekeke
awww.. thank u my cutest k jaja!

k lelord,
ada bayang2 rupa gisele budchen tak? ^_^
yeah cantik sgt tempatnya, from doha tu dah dekat dah.. pegi jgn tak pegi

Mamamya said...

uhuu...takutnya shark..macamana dia org blh b'renang2 kat situ?? tgk mulut shark yg da mcm frame tu pn akak takut... :)

dieya said...

k lieya,
tuh la pasal, agaknya pasal sharks tuh kecik2 (lebih kurang sekaki panjang) tuh yg diorg berani. kalau beso mcm yg rangka tuh gi swimming gak mmg laa misi berani mati...

ZuNas77 said...

Alah, dah final day?, i rasa shark kat sana semua jinak2 kot..Eh, bestnya Maldivies!!..and u rasa if org biasa mcm i ni pergi costly tak? Dulu i berangan nak honeymoon kat Maldivies. Then my hubby kata tgu la kumpul duit 10thn dulu. Tp i tgk lately ramai pulak yg pergi..hehehe..Tgk la pergi masa 10th Anniversary ke kan? time tu anak2 dah kecik so boleh tinggal!.hahaha

rosetreat said...

The best mocktail ever!! Taste is soo fresh and yummy!

PatinPasta said...

Haha! Tak larat nak gelak! "Who's hotter now?" Adoi la!

Gambo ikan2 tu snap dari atas jeti ke? Memang jernih sungguh airnye. Best best!

Tak sauk ke sotong dua, tiga ekor? :D

dieya said...

yeah, dah final day. fortunately u rasa kejap, i thot org semua dah bosan baca cerita ni tak abis2.. hehehe..
actually i think it's more affordable now, especially kalau u pandai carik resort yg murah n tengah discout giler2. masa i pegi, thulhagiri tgh discount 40%, tuh yg pilih dok situ. takyah tunggu 10th anniv laa zu, skrg pun boleh pegi!

yummy indeed! especially on a hot day like that day!

muy caliente, no? ^_^
yup snap dari atas jeti je, terus nampak ikan warna warni tu, mmg jernih sgt!
teringin nak buat sotong goreng tepung, rugi plak tak bawak tepung adabi kan...

Mr Lonely said...

walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

Zuraida said...

Tak aci....dia pakai bikini tak sedar kena tangkap gambar and compare ok....


dieya said...

mr. lonely,
thanks for dropping by. i'll drop by your blog real soon :-)

dia nyer bikini penuh sequins tau.. lip lap lip lap gitu!

Messy Mummy said...

Wow.. speechless tgk... andai ada poket doremon :)

dieya said...

kalau ada poket doraemon, ke kutub utara akan ku tuju.. hehehe

DalilaMian said...

dieya..nk tnye..i tgk kalau thulhagiri ni ade website kata naik speeboat..ade yg naik feri..actually mane satu ek?sbb kalau kt maldives ni die punye airport transfer mak aii mahalnyee...mengalahkan harga resort..i tgh cari resort yg x pyh naik seaplane,nak naik feri i blh spend lebih sket ke hotel je

dieya said...

actually dua2 pun betul. in my case, masa sampai naik feri dgn tourist from other countries. kena tunggu diorg nyer flight sampai, then naik feri beramai2.
tapi masa balik naik speedboat, pasal flight kitorg je bertolak malam. so just us on the speedboat.

about the seaplane, mmg betul, mahal sgt2. so carilah resort yg dkt dgn male island, supaya boleh pegi naik feri atau bot. jimat kos. kalau resort yg jauh memang kena naik seaplane punyalah.

eDnana said...

Salam dieya..entries u psl maldives ni sgt helpful..sbb i plan to go there this nk tumpang tnye if u still remember,how much u pay for island hoping tu..coz tgh bt budget..heheh..thanx in advance.

dieya said...

w'salam eDnana,
island hopping tu rasanya less than USD 50 sorg, termasuk lunch.
selamat mengembara ke maldives!