finding nemo

Snorkeling time! Eila woke up early to have breakfast. I chose to continue sleeping as I always practice not to eat anything before entering the waters. Eila returned from the coffee house with several muffins. “Just in case you get hungry,” she said. So nice of her.

We changed into our wet suits and headed to the jetty. Rented snorkeling gears from the diving school and got into the waiting boat. I was pretty excited, couldn’t wait to see if Maldivian underwater scene was as gorgeous as I heard it would be. The boat took us to the middle of the sea. Put on our gears and life jackets and jumped right in.

The instructors tested our swimming skills one by one. They would only let us snorkel on our own if they were confident that we could take care of ourselves in the open sea. I tried not to snorkel too far from the rest as I tend to get nervous when being left alone in the water.

How was the view down there? Amazing! Saw plenty of colorful fishes, beautiful corals and best of all, a turtle! I immediately recalled the scene in “Finding Nemo” when Nemo hanged on to a giant turtle so he could travel against the strong current.

Photos? Nil. Nada. Nothing. Didn’t think of getting an underwater casing for Red Baby before the trip. So you just have to believe my words - when I say the sea creatures were gorgeous, trust me, they were indeed gorgeous!

After snorkeling, we showered, rested, dried our wet suits...

...then went to the coffee house for a Maldivian lunch.

Eila giving away her autograph to a fan ;-)

Thought of getting a book from the library, but couldn’t find anything English that was worth reading. Ended up looking at pics in German magazines. Then we returned to the room to rest till it was time for dinner.

Had western food for a change.

Hanged out at the bar to watch live band.

These guys were pretty good.

See the dude on the left in shorts? He went up the stage and did some “kuda kepang” moves.

A lady danced with her toddler son. So cute!

The stage was then opened for everyone.

Eila enjoying the show. When the band took an intermission break, we decided to leave...

...and took a night walk instead.

Beautiful row of lights.

The main jetty where we arrived on our first day at the resort.

Pretty structure, even in the dark.

A map of the tiny island.

Phew.. another entry done.. not only that, managed to cover the entire day’s activity in one go. Should be able to finish my storytelling faster this way, eh?


Citarasa Rinduan said...

selamat pagi sayang..
wah.. bestnya...

macam nak terbang kesanalah

part kuda kepang tu buatkan kak makin nak tuju..


eB ezrin said...

rinduuu :)

JaJa'Z said...

dieya..daku tertanya2..apa kan menda hitam kecik yg tergantung diampaian itu....adakah spentot..hehheheheh..tak kan la pulak yek..

sayang plak tak dapat amik gambo underwater..kalau tak lagi syok kan...bukti tuuuuu...cepat2..entry day 2 plssssss

Maya Marisa said...

Awat tak amik gambar dgn wet suit???? Hehehehe...

dieya said...

k ayu,
selamat pagi kak! terbang laju2 ya, biar cepat sampai. nak pegi naik kuda kepang pun boleh juga.. hehehe!

jugakkk :-D

k jaja,
ishkkk.. tu swimming cap laa k jaja. org tayang g-string baru tau!
itulah, tak teringat langsung nak beli underwater casing. next time kalau pegi deep sea lagi kena ingat lah.
yer.. yer.. sedang diusahakan..

ada2.. nanti i hantar kat majalah mangga bagi diorg buat cover page bulan depan. dapatkan naskhah terbaru sebelum stok kehabisan.

~jeet~ said...

majalah mangga? so typical melayu..hhaha.. jgn marah ;)

everybody looks like they had a good time at the stage, syioknye rilek2 cenggitu!!

PatinPasta said...

The night view is amazing! Mesti best ek jalan and lepak2 dengan that surrounding at night. best best best!

dieya said...

eh musti! pose kena kat tepi kolam renang ok, baru sahih :-D
yeah.. totally relaxing.. kadang2 rasa blur pasal byk sgt free time, maklumlah dah biasa bz jek on the go.. hahaha

best sangat. night time is so peaceful. kena pulak angin sepoi2 bahasa. sungguh indah sekali.

Anonymous said...

Nak tanya. Utk lunch mahal x diaorg caj?

dieya said...

lunch agak mahal. maklumlah ikut rate dekat resort, tengah laut pulak tu. anyway biasanya org tak makan lunch. just makan breakfast kenyang2, pegi wat aktiviti smpi petang, then malam malam dinner kenyang2.