dinner time

Our accommodation was half board, which meant breakfast and dinner were included. Should we wish to eat anything in between, we would have to order from the coffee house and the bill would be charged to our room. Some guests took full board, thus they got fed four times a day – breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. I didn’t think it was necessary as we would spend most of the day time away from the resort anyway.

The bar area.

The buffet line.

We got friendly with a waiter, who reserved for us a table with a great view throughout our entire stay.

Maldivian food is very much similar to Indian. Lots of curries and spices.

My banana juice and Eila’s pineapple juice.

The dining area from outside.

Hanged out by the beach after dinner.

The island has two jetties - one for speed boat, another (this one) for slow boat.

There’s a library near the reception area.

Too bad they had very few English books. Most of them were in German or Swiss. Apparently Thulhagiri is very popular among tourists from that part of the world. Probably it has something to do with the fact that the resort’s owner is a Swiss.

Retired for the night. Next day’s activity: To find Nemo!


Anonymous said...

oohh...girl, finally, busy sangat ye? am wondering how are you since all the buying and selling by the man in the red cap ;)

senang dapat halal food ye kat sana?

Anonymous said...

its me btw ~jeet

xleh nak log in, tau tau pasai apa...

JaJa'Z said...

adoi laaaa..sangap2 menunggu entry dr dieya ni..at last berupdate jugak...mujur la akak kau ni masih excited lagi bab2 serita travel dieya tau...
member akak cakap kat blah sana muslim food memang banyak..so memang takde masalah la kan...tak tersadai atas kerusi tepi pantai ala2 mermaid tu yg tak leh tahan nak tgk...

sila update lagi yek...

Mamamya said...

setuju ngan cikgu jaja...punya lah lama nak m'nunggu nxt n3 and next and next.....haihshhhh....busy benau dieya ni...

nemo...???? woowwwwwww....mesti comel kan? erkkk...pic no.7 tu posing ala2 model lah pulak yerk...heheheee...

dieya said...

i've been good, thanks for asking. bz lah hendaknya.
halal food memang senang. the population is 100% muslim. totally no issue.
awat takleh login? scary tu. anyway i just found out that comments on my pages tabs (dieya's adventures etc.) can't be displayed. what's going on with blogspot...?

k jaja,
sangap tutup mulut tau, nnt masuk setan.. hehehe
yeah food mmg takde prob langsung. cuma tahan ke tak makan kari hari2 je laa. bagi peminat mamak food like us tader hal punyer.
ada gaya mermaid yek.. bleh ganti maya karin nih :-D

k lieya,
huhuhu.. mmg bz.. maklumlah class dah start, kerja lagi. will try to finish ini story secepat mungkin. kesian semorg tunggu lama yek.
nemo sgt comel! rasa nak tangkap sekor bawak balik. wah ada gaya model ke? mekacihhh!

PatinPasta said...

Didn't know that their food is very similar to Indian's. Yummeh!
Nampak calm je the dining area. Tak ramai orang time tu?

ZuNas77 said...


Sila abiskan entry cepat yer.....

Eh, i perasan both of u mcm pakai baju sama color every night for dinner. Siap Ada theme ke every nights? Hehehe

dieya said...

yeah, their culture mmg sgt similar to india, sri lanka.. dah dekat2 kan. mmg senang kalau gi sana, food boleh masuk tekak kita. kitorang gi makan quite awal, so tak ramai org lagi.

hahhahaa.. tgh berusaha nak abiskan ni zu.. bz laa babe..
theme? kitorg wat tema sendiri :-D