off we go

We started our journey immediately after work. Our flight’s ETD was at 8:45 pm so Eila suggested that we should take the staff shuttle from Subang Airport to KLIA directly after work. It was raining cats and dogs that evening. Took our luggage out of our cars and went to the waiting area. Boarded the bus at 6:15 pm, hoping that we could reach KLIA on time despite of the rain and rush hour traffic.

My drenched suitcase. Remember the white hat from Cape Town?

The shuttle bus that would take us to KLIA.

The journey begins!

It was my first time using the staff shuttle. Though many of my colleagues do it - either to commute daily, attend a meeting or catch a flight - I never did. Perhaps because I’m staying in KL, it’s always more convenient to go to KLIA from home.

We reached the airport slightly after 7 pm. Went straight to the check-in counter. My ticket was a standby ticket (as usual). Eila’s ticket was a confirmed one. Fortunately we managed to get both boarding passes issued immediately as there were quite a number of empty seats.

In the aerotrain. Meet Eila, my buddy for this trip.

We went through customs check, headed to surau for solat and stopped by Malaysian Recipe to have something to eat. I didn’t have lunch (my last meal was nasi lemak during breakfast) so I was incredibly hungry. We ate till it was 10 minutes before departure time and dashed to the gate. Made it into the aircraft just in time!

Seats upright...

Belts buckled...

Off we flew to...



JaJa'Z said...

huwa!!!!! akak dah macam terasa2 jek dieya gi pulau2..sebab u cakap kucing ialah binatang terbesar kat maldives plak tu!!! jeles tau!!!!!!

dieya said...

k jaja,
hehehe part teka meneka ni k jaja memang bijak. ooop.. jgn jeles dulu, lom tengok gambo2 bercanda di tepian pantai lagik ;-)

Mamamya said...

huaaaaaaaaa....nak join dgn jaja....sob..sob...sob....sonoknya dpt round d world kan....akak join dieya dlm mimpi je la dik...

dieya said...

k lieya,
jom jom jom! takpe mula2 mimpi dulu. inshaAllah mimpi k lieya akan jadi kenyataan :-)

Erin said...

Jealous, as always hehe. Eh, kali nie introduce travelling mate ek..still waiting for u to introduce teman anda ke Istanbul dulu *lalalalala* (saja nak buat kontrobesi sket)

Ampunn!! :P

Shue said...

Maldives? woot! can't wait to see the brilliant pics.Glad you've made home safely, babe.

Maya Marisa said...

Uwaaaa!!!! Lagi ler i jeles babe!!!!
Nie nak amik coti pun cannot. Kerja berlambak...uwaaaaa

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said... nyerrr!!

PatinPasta said...

Waaaaaaaaaaah, tak aci! Nak ikut gi Maldives gak! BEST nye!

Can't wait for your next entry, with loads of photos I hope!
*jeles tau!*

dyanna said...

oooo Maldives..
sempat you pergi before pulau2 dia tenggelam... i need to rush rush to that place before that happens.

tini ein said...

wahhh..besnyee...kasi upload gmbar manyak2 eh...hehe...

Anonymous said...

yeayyy!!!another trip!!sukaa...been there last july 2011.nothing much though but the beaches are marvelesly cantik!!!!!hitam legam jadinya i anak beranak.we went for a day trip to bandos island..the nearest from uploads some pics tau!!!!makan wise im sure u have no problem at all..99% are muslim :) have a great 1!!!!
*next week my turn plak to CPT,hehhe,baca ur entries terus decided beli tickets the next day...
-lela nasir

dieya said...

takyah jeles2, jom ikut! ish2 tak abis2 kontroversi, tak kuasa i *sila baca gaya artis* :-p

pics coming up! alhamdulillah made it home in one piece.

i pun cannot cuti lama2. so quietly pegi sempena 1malaysia holiday. senyap dan berkesan :-D

best sangat for ppl who like water.. beach.. serenity..

best! the beach is superb. plenty of photos taken, just that i'm too bz to upload. will try to find the time k!

that was the plan! maldives will be gone in some 80-90 years or so (i think?), so go there real soon!

gambar2 akan menyusul. agak bz skrg, will upload more when i find the time :-)

totally agree with you, nothing much but the beaches are amazing! owh i pun sama, hari2 dok tepi pantai, tepek sunblock banyak2 pun still ada tan line jugak. makan was definitely easy, and the wide variety of curries made it even easier (nampak sgt suka mamak food).
omg u r going to CPT! awesome! don't miss bo-kaap, table mountain and cape point!