mr. s and cars

Who is Mr. S? He's my colleague at work. What's up with him? Well, here's the story...

Mr. S used to drive a Satria Neo. Last year during Ramadan, the car was involved in an accident. He sent it for repair. All was ok. Then one day, he parked the car by the roadside near Airod (next to Skypark terminal). Someone broke the window and took away stuffs he kept in the car, including a sling bag that his mum bought for him. He was upset, but what to do. Fixed the window. Life goes on.

This year, about the same time I got Dobby, he traded the Satria Neo for Ford Fiesta. He really enjoyed his new ride. Then recently, while he was driving on a speed lane, he misjudged his distance from the car in front. What else? Gedebum. Major damage to the engine compartment. The car is still in the workshop as we speak.

Not having any car to drive to work, he had to borrow his mum's Honda City. Then last Monday, that was when this story got really dramatic...

Mr. S is a gym avid. He normally hits the gym at Empire after work. By the time he finishes his workout and heads home, it's usually very late, close to midnight.

Last Monday, after his workout, he drove the Honda City home. After what happened to his Ford Fiesta, he developed a phobia for speed. So he drove really carefully, after all he was driving his mum's car. Suddenly, while on the road nearby Empire, the car was hit from the back. He was stunned. He didn't do anything wrong. In fact he was driving slowly.

He got out from the car. Five Indian men got out from the other car. They beat him senseless. Punched his face so many times that his nose broke. Took away all his belongings including his new Blackberry. He asked them to just take whatever they wanted and leave him alone. No, they didn't listen. They went on punching him, hitting him.. until he was flat on the ground, hardly able to move. Sampai lembik. Then they took the Honda City and drove away. Mr. S was left in the dark of the night, badly bruised, sehelai sepinggang. Fortunately a passerby saw him, stopped and helped him.

As of yesterday, Mr. S was still on medical leave. He had to undergo minor surgery. All of us at work were shocked and sad to hear what happened to him. More so that he may not be able to claim insurance for the stolen car as it was his mum's car and he wasn't a registered driver in the insurance policy.

Moral of the story? Just too many.

Drive safe everyone.


Erin said...
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Erin said...

oh myyyy, thing after another. hopefully he gets well soon...

JaJa'Z said... betul2 tragik ni..lepas satu, satu insiden...hopefully mr s semakin ok lah..and be extra2 careful lepas2 ni..and u too dear..

dieya said...

itulah, byk betul dugaan dia when it comes to cars. hope he recovers well and fast.

k jaja,
kesian sgt. peringatan juga utk kita kan. selalu baca kes mcm ni org fwd2 kat email je. bila kena kat org yg kita kenal, baru rasa betul impact dia. u too take care!

dyanna said...

This is too disturbing knowing that danger lurks everywhere in our country. I pray that he recovers quickly and pray that those culprits will be caught and prosecuted.

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

owhh.. NO dieyaa... this one scary me!!.. I selalu pegi GYM kat empire tuh.. my spot!..

Ya Allah.. pls keep me save alwayz.. Humm.. I think may be sebab kereta mahal kot.. So, better use local car.. biar org tgk u tadak duit..

Btw, I ada dpt 4ward mail mcm nih.. but this on real!..

~jeet~ said...

kesiannya, my condolences to him and family, semoga yang buat jahat tu dapat yang setimpal balik.

dieya said...

need to be extra careful these days, always. he's supposed tp be back in ofc today. those merciless criminals.. may they be caught real soon!

omg u go to that gym too? be really careful ok babe. may Allah protect u, and your car too!
yeah, biasa org fwd email we dunno betul ke tak. kali ni mmg betul2, bukan cobaan!

yg buat jahat tu mmg betul2 takde hati perut usus pankreas la. dah laa rompak, pukul sampai lembik. gosh! hope they's get caught real soon.

ZuNas77 said...

Ya Allah kesiannya your fren nih....satu2 benda jadik. and the last one was the scariest!!!..kesian betul dia. Seriously nak nangis i baca..dia mesti tak terpikir utk tidak turun from the car while it happen kan..sbb dah terkejut kena langgar from behind..

May Allah bless him and protect him in the future...

dieya said...

betul u ckp zu, masa jadi tu mmg tak terfikir. after the incident baru terfikir.. oh.. org jahat tu mmg sengaja langgar pasal nak rompak. sgt scary.
amiiin, may Allah protect all of us.

Maya Marisa said...

Omg! Kesian nyer.
Hope ur fren stay strong & brave. Perhaps ada hikmahnyer after all this aftermath.

dieya said...

yeah kesian sgt. hopefully so, amin.

Messy Mummy said...

Kesiannya Mr.S tuh. Hopefully fast recovery but sure trauma bila kena macam tuh..
Ish, jahat menjadi-jadi org jahat sekarang nieh..
Semoga Allah melindungi kita semua

Anonymous said...

my deepest sympathy to ur fren, mr s. hope he'll be okay.

(ur silent reader)

dieya said...

mmg kesian sangat. mmg betul2 kena be extra careful skrg. semoga kita semua dilindungi Allah, amin.

w'salam :-) thanks on his behalf.
nice to know i hv a silent reader. singgah lagi ya!