an old man on the stairs

As I was walking out of LRT station, I saw a very pitiful sight. An elderly Chinese man, about as old as my grandpa, sitting on the stairs facing the main road. His shirt was tattered, his shorts was worn out. He looked weak and frail.

When he saw me approaching, he stretched out his hand, holding a paper cup. It was empty. I dug into my jeans pocket. I had several pieces of coins, balance from what I paid for the LRT ticket. 80 sen to be exact. I knew that precisely because the ticket cost RM 1.20 and I paid with two pieces of RM 1 notes.

I grabbed whatever coins I could reach and put them in the paper cup.

“Tima kasih amoi.. tima kasih.. tima kasih..”

He said it repeatedly. His voice, so sincere. His face, so thankful.

I was in a rush, iftar was in a few minutes. Others were waiting for me, I didn’t want to be late. I just smiled and quickly continued walking.

After iftar and solat Maghrib, I went home. Took off my jeans. Turned the pocket inside out. A piece of 20 sen coin fell on the floor.

I only gave the old man 60 sen. Merely 60 sen. Yet he was so thankful.

I could have done better than 60 sen.

I should have done better than 60 sen.

Couldn’t help but to wonder, while I was enjoying scrumptious food during iftar, what was the old man eating?

Hopefully he got more than 60 sen that day.


Lelord said...

aduhai...harap2 uncle tu murah rezeki dia

ahkakbatik said...

niat tu ada dik...insyaAllah uncle tu ada rezeki lain ...

JaJa'Z said...

takpe...janji niat kita ikhlas memberi..itu semua ada ganjarannya...

LadyNur -<-<@ said...

Dieya...u know wht..ada nyonya mintak sedekah..then one day we saw her kat pavilion jalan2.. boleh?..

tht why i hardly trust them..

dieya said...

k lelord,
amin. kesian sgt tengok keadaan dia.

inshaAllah, amin.

k jaja,
thanks k jaja :-)

ye ke? fuhhh.. high class punya beggar, jalan kat pavilion tu! u ingat pulak muka dia yek?
this uncle i pretty much believe that he was genuinely in need. he was in a very sorry state, tengok pun kesian.

absolutely emy said...

baiknyer dieya.. moga2 Allah murahkan lagi rezeki dieya supaya dapat tolong lagi ramai orang..

dieya said...

absolutely emy,
thanks, tambah pahala bulan ramadan. kalau kita buat baik kat org, moga2 Allah beri balasan yg baik2 pada kita :-)
p.s. thanks for dropping by. datang lagi ya!

eB ezrin said...

insyaallah. ader rezki auncle tuh :)

PatinPasta said...

Sayu la pulak baca.
Tak pe, 60 sen is better than nothing. And there's always another time, another old man sitting by some other stairs.

Shue said...

mmg tersentuh hati kan bila tgk fakir, tak kira la bangsa aper pun.Terasa bersyukur sgt2 dgn nikmat dan rezeki yg Allah beri pd kita. Dan kalau tak banyak pun kita hulur tak pa, janji ikhlas.

hows puasa so far, babe?

dieya said...

moga2 uncle tu tak pulang kelaparan.

inshaAllah next time i'll do better than 60 sen.

betul tu. rasa tersentuh sangat.
puasa has been great! continuously working on my ramadan pledge.
how about u?

Erin said...

Sedihnya. Reminds me of a few day ago, jumpa pakcik nie kat town...baju melayu lusuh, ketayap pun koyak2, and i think he has Parkinson kot sbb whole body ketar2. Org boleh buat x reti je...sedih2

My Bloggie ! said...

lame tak singgah sini. hehe
selamat berpuase kak dieya !!
emm kalau pg mane2, especially bustand, LRT station, tepi2 jalan. mmg byk org2 macam ni. kdg2 kita tgh makan pn ade. bape byk kita bg xpenting kak. yg penting niat. :)
moga Allah murahkan rezeki .

dieya said...

sedih kan tengok org tua.. pakai compang-camping, minta sedekah.. life oh life..

hey there. dah cuti ye? slmt berpuasa to u too girl!
thank u, amin :-)