my ramadan pledge

Today is a day of many firsts.

It’s Monday, the first day of the week.

It’s 1 August 2011, the first day of the eighth month of Gregorian calendar.

And most importantly, it’s 1 Ramadan 1432, the first day of this year’s holy month of Hijri calendar.

Thank you Allah for the chance to experience another Ramadan. And to be able to enter this holy month with good health and peaceful soul is such a blessing.

This Ramadan I pledge to:

1) Perform solat tarawih every night, except when I get my womanly excuse. Ever since I started doing MBA, this is the first Ramadan that I don’t have any class, thanks to the extra long semester break that the government imposes on local universities to sync them with overseas universities. Before this, I always used my night classes as an excuse not to perform solat tarawih (i.e. classes ended late, too tired when I got home). This time, no more excuse, only determination.

2) Read the entire Quran from start to end. My personal copy is with tafsir - 1,117 pages in total. If I read 50 pages a day, I can finish it in 23 days, which is just nice, assuming that I have to give it a pause for 7 days when I get my time of the month. However, I read somewhere that women on period can actually read Quran, no prohibition at all. Anyway, I target to read 50 pages a day, which means 10 pages after each solat fardu. Plan to cover more pages if I can.

3) Avoid wastage during iftar. I plan to only bring RM 10 every time I go to Pasar Ramadan. I did that last year, it proved to be a good way to curb my spending. Shall do the same this year.

4) Listen to religious audios (i.e. Quranic verses) in the car when I drive. I already have a CD with several surahs, given to me by a group of practical trainees at my office as a farewell gift when they finished their internship. Oh, that reminds me, I need to find the frequency for Radio IKIM, just to have some variety. Maybe I’ll buy Maher Zain’s album too.

A wish from me to you :-)

May this Ramadan improves our connection with Allah and our relationships with other human beings.

P.S.: What’s your Ramadan pledge?


Citarasa Rinduan said...

salam ramadhan sayang,..
sama2 kita menjalani ibadat puasa ke arah kebaikkan...

dieya said...

k ayu,
salam ramadan buat k ayu juga. moga kita sama2 beroleh rahmat :-)

JaJa'Z said...

at last..ber update juga blog ni...hehe...semoga amal ibadah kita tahun ini diterima Allah...

bawa rm10 je gi pasar ramadhan..menarik idea tu..hehhe

lucky said...

Hi Dieya! lama x update ur blog.. nice to see u updating again :)

anyway, ur idea of reading 10 pages after each solat is a great idea.. i have been thinking macam mana nak habiskan baca the whole of Quran in ramadhan. inshaAllah will follow ur pledge :) thanks!

selamat berpuasa to u! :D

Ikr@m said...

Selamat Menyambut Ramadan sis!!

PatinPasta said...

Good pledges you have :)
Selamat berpuasa and menyambut Ramadan :)

dieya said...

k jaja,
yeah, at last! sorry lama tak cerita-ceriti kat sini. semoga kita sama2 diberkati di bulan ramadan, amiiin!
tapi kalau bawa rm10 then tiba2 nampak benda yg sgt best utk dibeli.. tahan hati je laa coz takleh beli.. hehehe

itulah.. naik bersawang dah ni :-D
i was thinking the same thing, without discipline mmg susah nak habiskan the entire Quran. at least if i continuously baca 50 pages a day, i know i can finish it by the end of ramadan. kira mcm motivation laa tu.
salam ramadan to u too babe!

salam ramadan to u too kiddo!

muchas gracias! selamat berpuasa buat cik patin yg jauh di mata tp dekat di skrin komputer.. hihihi

~jeet~ said...

IKIM is 91.5 FM in Klang Valley, bet you knew this already, Ramadhan al-Mubarak!! ;)

Melaka, i x sure, maybe sama ngan PD kot. 100++.. I use the KL frequency, still dapat ;)

~jeet~ said...

and..oh..lupa nak tambah, we had a ceramah session semalam, by ustaz yang run, ustaz hasrizal, one of the point is Ramadhan is the month to exercise self control, so by restricting yourself to only RM10 a day, its good ;) if you comes back with one thing yang you teringin nak beli, but somehow you chose not to buy, its a victory for you ;) so its a win-win after all kan?

Maya Marisa said...

hhmm, to begin with, i dont have any pledge...hahhaa teruk betul la i nie kan?
no. 3 sounds interesting. i think i'll give it a try.

dieya said...

yup, got it :-) but i think the one i tune to is 100+ FM. oh well, as long it's the same thing.
ye laa kan, it's a form of self control. rasa best when i manage to stop myself from overindulging. win-win indeed!

ish2 apa ni.. teruk laa mummy cha cha ni.. hehehe
th truth is this is the first time (i think) i ever made a ramadan pledge. sebelum ni just go with the flow je. tapi tahun ni, saya mahu menjadi insan yg lebih baik di bulan ramadan. so i made the pledge, senang nak monitor diri sendiri.
u wanna do no. 3? aiyooo.. boleh ke tu.. takut cha cha and mr. N tak cukup makan nnt :-D

Sha@Mama Tina said...

Bagus sangat niat dieya tu..semoga tercapai ye semua yg nak dibuat..sebab dlm setahun hanya ini je la bulan yg sangat penuh dgn pahala.. :) siapa buat dia dapat..

dieya said...

k sha,
thank u! amiiin.. ambil berkat bulan yg mulia kan.
eh mcm iklan ustazah yg kat tv tu pulak.. anda buat anda dapat :-D