my ramadan pledge - progress report

Pledge #1: Solat tarawih every night

Today is the fifth day of fasting, which means as of last night, there have been five nights of solat tarawih. Did all five. Happy.

Pledge #2: Read 50 pages of Quran a day

I’m lagging on this one. Easier said than done. I did say that I wanted to read 10 pages after each solat fardu. Not that easy. Why?
- After Subuh: Catching up with sleep. Getting ready for work.
- After Zuhur: Lunch break during Ramadan is only 15 minutes. Not much time left after solat.
- After Asar: Rushing to go home to avoid getting stuck in traffic
- After Maghrib: Enjoying iftar. Getting ready for solat tarawih
- After Isha: Or more accurately after solat tarawih, that’s about the only suitable time.

See? Not that easy. Therefore I’ve decided to revise the action plan for this pledge. Instead of reading 10 pages after each solat fardu, I shall do it the following way:
- 10 pages before Subuh: Wake up early, sahur and read Quran while waiting for azan.
- 20 pages before Maghrib: A better way to fill in the time rather than staring at the food.
- 20 pages before I go to bed: Nicely wraps up my day.

This way, I can still finish 50 pages in one day, thus finish the entire Quran by the end of Ramadan. As of now, I’ve only finished 140 pages in 4 days (yet to read any today). By right I should have finished 200 pages, plus another 50 by the end of today. Need to catch up over the weekend.

Pledge #3: Spend only RM 10 a day at Pasar Ramadan

So far so good! I did overspend on Day 1, but I covered it back by not going Pasar Ramadan on Day 2, just reheating the leftovers from the previous day. So on average, RM 10 a day is still on.

But next week will be a challenge. I have several buka puasa plans outside. There’s no way I can stick to RM 10. Do you have any idea how much Ramadan buffet costs? A bomb. Anyway, I did say the RM 10 pledge only applies to Pasar Ramadan, didn’t I? Ramadan buffet ≠ Pasar Ramadan. So my pledge is still valid. And it’s not every day we get to enjoy Ramadan buffet, right? ;-)

Pledge #4: Listen to Islamic audios in the car

Okay, let me be honest about this one. I’ve listened to the Quran CD repeatedly, which I enjoy. I’ve listened to IKIM FM, which I don’t enjoy that much. Why? Too much talking. Too many adverts. Super long adverts. I really can’t stand them, especially the “Qurratu Aini” advert that seems to go on forever. And it repeats the words “Qurratu Aini” so many times my ears nearly bleed. And I still have no idea what they are actually selling.

Another thing, the nasyids that the station plays are mostly depressing i.e. about taubat, death, judgment day. Yes, I know, Ramadan is a good month to repent. But please, don’t make our religion sounds so miserable. A little mix with cheerful nasyids would be nice.

But the good thing about IKIM FM is the talk by guest speakers. I particularly enjoy the one I listened to yesterday, which discussed about reversion and the challenges of being a muallaf in Malaysia. Also the previous day’s talk about zakat. Very informative. Perhaps I’ll just tune in during the guest speakers slots and stick to my Quran CD in between.

Oh yeah, I’ve decided not to get Maher Zain’s CD, because his songs are too mellow for my liking. I’m thinking of buying one of Raihan’s old albums, or Rabbani, or maybe Wali Band. Upbeat nasyids, anyone?

P.S.: Kind of miss listening to my rock kapak CDs already. It’s not easy to stick to doing good things, even a small one!


JaJa'Z said...

memang betul apa yg dieya cakap pasal radio IKIM tu..abg zack selalu jugak buka..tapi part yg tak best tu bila banyak sangat cakap...sampai tak bleh tangkap dok cakap pasal.apa..kalau dah tak tahan sangat..akak selamber jek tukat channel lain..hehehhe

~jeet~ said...

IKIM best tang part tafsir ayat by Ustaz Zahazan Mohamad, at least thats my favorite, there is also every weekend morning, motivational talk by Prof Muhaya kalo x silap,

agree with you, commercial are way too much and indeed way too long ;)

raihan is a good choice, i listened at work :) keep it up!!

ahkakbatik said...

kaktek dengar tadarus je oasis 12 mlm waktu msia... nak baca sendiri ya ampunnn...
tabik pada dieya dan jeet... semangat yg bagus...

AzaMazelan said...

maher zain.. mellow?? i sukeee... satu family sukee.. kalau balik kl.. mesti pasang lagu maher zain berulang-ulang kali.. dlm album dia ada jugaklah lagu rancak dieya..

Maya Marisa said...

Aiyo, same here. Me also find maher zain a bit mellow. As an alternative, i listened to Dewa. Theirs are more skewered towards spirituality. Slightly more upbeat tune :-)

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

Pledge #3: Spend only RM 10 a day at Pasar Ramadan....

HUmm.... menarikkk. Good idea!.. Sumhow I dah over spend.. kaedahnyer beli barang dapur almost RM 300.
Pag itadi add Rm 50 for sayur and ikan, udang.. nasib x bei ketam. Last2 mereka2 dok dlama fridge jer.. ahahah..

Jem.. Yeahh.. I hate jammm during fasting month.. kalau macam arab..cuti sebulan kan best.. ahahaha..

dieya said...

k jaja,
betul tu, byk sgt cakap sampai kita yg dengar ni confuse amenda diorg tgh cerita sebenarnya.
hahaha sukati jek k jaja tuko channel yek. nasib baik tok janggut tak bertukar jadi musang berjanggut :-D

oh ye ke.. i only listen on the way to/from work, so sah2 laa tak dengar the weekend sessions.
hey i've bought a cd. nnt i'll talk abt it ;-)

bersemangat waja ni! tapi byk ya ampun nak kena catch up. easier said than done. kata org nak buat baik mmg susah kan.
kaktek minta laa ustaz yg baca tadarus tu sedekah pahala kat kaktek ye.. hehehe!

ye ke? perhaps the one yg selalu keluar kat radio yg mellow, so i thot his songs mmg jenis mellow. maybe i'll give it another thought.

dewa is awesome! masa diorg tgh top dulu i really love their song "laskar cinta". high five rock chicas!

mak ooi sampai RM 300 for barang dapur! boleh kenduri hari2 nih. dah masak bgtau ek, i dtg berbuka umah u :-D

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

ahaha... tah la.. nih kes semua barang dapur dah abes.. amik punya amik.. nah!!.. *pitam

dieya said...

tuh dia... beli brg dapo sampai tak sedar diri :-P