meet the new boss

Yesterday was an extraordinary day for me and my colleagues. We were introduced to our new big boss, Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof, the Chairman. I was hoping for a glimpse of a man wearing a red cap. Nope, he wasn’t there.

The entire workforce was invited to the townhall, but obviously not all could come. Yet the auditorium was full to the brink till many of us had to sit on the stairs. Everyone was eager to know what would be the company’s direction after the much talked about collaboration.

The big boss.

Some personal facts that he shared with us about himself:
- He is 65 years old
- He studied at RMC
- His granpa (or father, can’t remember) used to sell nasi padang

Some stuffs about him that I heard from my colleagues:
- He used to be our MD a looooong time ago (way before TR era) for a couple of years
- He’s so humble that he pulls his own trolley at pasar tani (said a kakak who buys groceries from the same place)

The huge crowd.

So what did he talked about?

Well, other than what you have already heard in the news, there wasn’t much that I could share here. Not that there was much being shared anyway. Whatever the future holds, we pray for the best.

May this collaboration be beneficial to us, amin.


ZuNas77 said...

All the Best MAS. But i heard so many ppl not happy with the collaboration between MAS+Air Asia kan? hmmm...

Lelord said...

all the best with new boss hehehee nak FM tetiba kannnnnnn

dyanna said...

Patut le busy semenjak dua menjak ni. Dok balancing accounts kot.

el isman said...

salam ramadan
bonus brp bulan kali ni?:)

ahkakbatik said...

kawen ke.. cerai ke.... moga yg terbaik.. cuma kaktek nak diskaun tiket je... tu je kaktek mintak.... tak mintak apa-apa lagi dah.... tuuuu jeee..... satu tu je........ yg lain taknak..... nak tuuu jeee.....


Messy Mummy said...

we wish nothing but the best!! hopefully baik2 lah untuk semua yer.. :)

dieya said...

thanks babe. yeah, dlm buletin utama hari tu there are some ppl yg tak happy siap buat press conference lagi. as for me, too soon to tell. just wait and see.

k lelord,
thanks. nak gi tempah skirt merah belah sampai peha :-D
ni mintak FM ke nak bagi FM doha kat dieya?

life's a balancing act. macam chinese acrobats dah ni :-p

salam ramadan mamu, lama mamu tak mai sini noo.
harap2 nya bulan mengambang penuh!

betul ni taknak lelain? org baru nak hantar kicap satu kontena. kensel laa.

thanks gorgeous! berdoa moga semuanya baik2 saja, amin!

Anonymous said...

i just hope the staff/spouse/family benefits will not be taken out...nak upgrade takpe ;) amin....
-lela nasir

dieya said...

amiiin! kalau laa dapat upgrade, mmg teramat best :-D

Anonymous said...

just to correct your statement, he was the MD after TR... not way before TR..

dieya said...

really? ooops, i must hv gotten the wrong info. thanks for correcting!