8.8.11 22:22

Meet the boy who was almost born at Ramadan buffet. Fortunately the doctor managed to knock some sense into his mum’s head. Otherwise, he might have appeared on the next day’s paper :-p

My name is Aaron Aziz!

*Thinking* No saliva, so it wasn’t Aaron who wanted to eat the buffet. It was purely his mum!

8.8.11 22:22

What’s that?

8 August 2011, 10:22 pm.

The moment Aaron said hi to the world. Nice numbers, eh?

Hamper from Aunty Dieya.

It was a last minute purchase. I was already in the car when I realised that I didn’t have anything to bring to see the baby. Called Zuzu, she already bought a set of jumpers. “Why don’t you have a look at them. If you want we can just share.” Met up with Zuzu, saw the jumpers, decided it was way too tiny of a gift to be share by two people. Made a detour to Giant. Saw the Pureen hamper. Nice.

Jumpers from Aunty Zuzu. Super cute!

A toy for Aaron’s big brother. Supaya abang tak jeles kat adik.

Aaron was such a calm little fella. We were chatting and laughing just a few feet away from his crib – he went on sleeping, oblivious to it all. Then his 3 y.o. big bro came screaming like nobody’s business – still he slept like a baby. Wait a sec, he is a baby! :-D

His mum said Aaron was very unlike his big bro who would wake up to the slightest sound. Perhaps since the moment he came home, all he had been hearing was his mum and big bro doing vocal execises all day round.

Welcome to the world you little Shin Chan!


JaJa'Z said...

oh Aaron....mujur la tak gaya macam muka Aaron Aziz..kalau tak, auntie jaja terus meroyan..hehhehe

PatinPasta said...

Ooo inilah rupanya baby buffet tu ye? Ahaks!

KIUT! And hey, thoughtful too for giving the elder baby bro a present so that he doesn't get jealous. (I cried when my younger sis was deliever -> was I jealous? Haha!)

dieya said...

k jaja,
tunggu lagi 35 tahun baru ler keluar rupa aaron aziz :-D

yaa inilah orangnya yg hampir kubidan-terjunkan itu.. hahaha! u cried? tears of joy or of anger, i wonder :-P

Maya Marisa said...

Ala comelnyer. Nasib baik bersalin kat hospital, if not sure haru punya time buka tue.
Smart auntie dieya buy another pressie for the big bro

dieya said...

comel n well behave sgt. nasib baik mummy dia dgr nasihat dr. suruh masuk wad juga. kalau tak.. maybe aaron dpt mkn buffet free seumur hidup :-P
owh pressie for big bro is a must, jgn dia rasa tersisih kan.. tu pun seram gak kalau2 dia guna bat tu pukul adik dia.. huhuhu