halal feature: Biesmillah @ Cape Town, South Africa

This restaurant is located in the heart of Cape Town’s Malay Quarter, also known as Bo-Kaap. We went there the day before we left Cape Town, because we knew it would be awful to miss the chance of going to such a lovely part of the city. And of course, where else to sample authentic Cape Malay food, if not at Bo-Kaap!

Biesmillah, that’s the name of the restaurant.

A view inside. I believe it’s a family-run business.

The menu book. I just realise that they actually have a website.

We started off with “koeksister”, a traditional appetiser. Something like doughnut.

Veges, veges and more veges.

Rice with “denning viels”, a sweet and spicy beef dish.

Bread with chicken curry.

Pinky “falooda” with ice cream on the top.

Food and service were good. I enjoyed everything we had on the table. There weren’t many people around as we had late lunch, so we got the food quite fast. The waitress and cashier (perhaps owners themselves) were very friendly. Well, Capetonians were generally very friendly to us anyway :-)

Google map to the place is below:

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Check out their website for more info. Funny that I just discover it, long after the trip!


Lelaki Ini said...

i really want to go there someday!

Ikr@m said...

terliur saya tengok falooda tu kak..hehe

dieya said...

lelaki ini,
i'm sure you'll get there one day!

sedap tau falooda tu, mcm sirap bandung letak aiskrim. nice!

~jeet~ said...

“denning viels” got me confused last time, and i still yet to try the koeksister, i think they had the best, sebab kat kafe an-nur @waterfront not as nice..ikut lidah i la...hehehe....

~jeet~ said...

i mean yet to try buat la, recipe dah ade..tggu rajin....

ahkakbatik said...

herrgh... berderau darah kaktek nengok lelaki ini ateh tu... anuar zeng masuk blog dieya!!!?????
waarrgghh.... histeria kejap!..

mesti org ingat dieya ni wartawan jjcm..... semua mende dia snap eh..

eB ezrin said...

asyikk :)

dieya said...

u know what, the moment i saw the menu, i immediately thought of u! i did go to an-nur too. can't remember if they had koeksister. tapi yg kat biesmillah mmg sedap. try laa buat, mana tau melayu msia nyer koeksister lagi sedap :-D

anuar zeng mmg selalu dtg cni, dia saja takmo tinggal komen, takut kang kaktek meroyan. mau bengkrap abe gapo bayo bil sepital mental kat texas nun.

masyuk :-D