halal feature: Simply Asia @ Cape Town, South Africa

Another halal stall at Victoria Wharf Shopping Mall’s food court at V & A Waterfront. This one served Asian food, which made us feel right at home. They offered a great variety of dishes, from rice to noodles to sushi. Fiza and I were unanimously inclined towards their Thai dishes. Perhaps (as much as we hated to admit it) we already missed home style food ^_^

Fiza in front of the stall.

Halal sign can clearly be seen at the top left corner.

Yes, halal indeed!

We sat outside under a canopy. Nice breezy evening.

The blue and red plaques were buzzers. Once the food was ready the buzzers went off, so we could go to the counter to pick it up.

My fried rice. Chinese style, if I’m not mistaken.

Fiza’s paprik rice. They called it differently over there, can’t remember the exact name. But it sure tasted like paprik!

I had chocolate popiah with ice cream for dessert.

Just look at the melted chocolate oozing out! Yummy!

Fiza’s caramel pudding, also served with ice cream.

How was the food? Excellent, just like home! The ambiance? Well, we did enjoy sitting outside, though the strong cape wind did blow some of our food away. I ended up eating fried rice with Sprite “gravy”!

Moral of the story: Don’t ever underestimate cape wind’s strength. One moment it’s a nice breeze on your cheek. The next moment you will be holding on to your food to keep it from flying to the next table!

Here’s the place on Google map.

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Rashidah Ibrahim said...

Wah cape town pula, next ke mana? bagus juga info dieya ni, kalu gi sana, bolehlah cari makanan halal ni..

dieya said...

k ida,
alhamdulillah, rezeki :-)
sila2.. ada lagi kedai2 halal kat sana, k ida tengok under "dieya's halal features" dah letak link kat situ.

Maya Marisa said...

Omggggg, the choc popiah with ice cream look soooo sedap.
Hhmm if i change frm popiah skin to crepe, agakX2 sedap tak??? :-P

dieya said...

memang sgt sedap! tapi cepat muak, coz pekat sgt choc nyer tuh.
i think crepe lagi sedap laa.. then letak banana (u kan hantu banana :-p) sure yummy!