final day in istanbul

Day 5. This short trip had come to its finale. Woke up and decided to have breakfast outside, as I had enough of eating French baguette at the hotel’s café for the past few days. Went to the restaurant where we had our first meal in Istanbul, as it was close to the hotel, cozy and the owner was a really nice guy.

The road leading to our hotel. We walk here every day to go to the tram station and back.

Hotel Albion Boutique, where we stayed.

Sitting by the quiet street, waiting for breakfast to be served.

The guy on the left was a worker at the nearby construction site. Earlier, he ordered a tray of tea in pretty cups and brought them away (presumably for his colleagues). Later, he came back to return the empty cups to the restaurant.

Yummy breakfast! Pan #1: Egg + capsicum + tomato. Pan #2: Egg + sausage. And Turkish spring rolls, courtesy of the restaurant’s owner.

Even before I started eating breakfast, I already felt that my tummy was about to misbehave. But I still ate, since I need to fuel up before embarking on my long journey home. So we finished our breakfast, returned to the hotel, checked out, took the tram to Zeytinburnu station, switched to metro and headed to the airport.

Waiting for metro at Zeytinburnu station. I was already feeling nauseous but managed to keep myself together.

Reached the airport. Lined up to clear the immigration and get our passports stamps.

We had quite a bit of time to spend at duty free shops, but I wasn’t in the mood to buy anything as I was already feeling sickly. Boarded the flight at 2pm local time. A few hours after we took off, I started throwing my guts out in the toilet. My entire body was sore. I didn’t eat any meal onboard, fearing that I would throw up again. Tried my best to sleep in many different positions. At one point I had to put my feet on the table as my joints were really aching. Pity whoever was sitting next to me.

Reached KLIA at 5:40am. Picked up our bags. Went to the pharmacy at the departure hall to get some oral rehydration salt and mineral water. Took an airport taxi home. The moment I stepped out of the taxi, I threw up by the drain. Yucks. Rested the entire day. By night time, I felt a lot better.

What a way to wrap up our short trip to Istanbul! So how would I describe the city? Let’s see. Beautiful place. Beautiful people. Definitely a must visit.

Despite the food poisoning, we totally had a blast!


JaJa'Z said...

sian dieya..tapi betul lah..time jenjalan kalau tetiba badan tak sihat, memang la sangat2 spoil...mujur la dah on da way nak balik..buatnya macam ur partner kena masa tengah2 vacation..lagi lah kesian...

Anonymous said...

cIANNYA. Lepaih sorang, sorang lagi kena. Makanankah penyebabnya atau ambient?


dyanna said...

You poor thing! Must hv caught a bug somewhere kot?

But i guess despite that, it was a great trip and it will be one of the things you laugh at one day ~ muntah dlm kapal terbang. I guess la.

Maya Marisa said...

Aiyoyo, cian nyer.... :-(
No matter wat, i bet u left ur heart there kan kan kan
Cos i did :-)
P/s: try going in autumn. I know its cold, but....its nice :-)

Hjh Noralenna Abbas said...

...and the adventure end...tired, sick but happy...hi,hi...

~jeet~ said...

la..siannya, good that u managed to get a good rest. my holiday plans always follows with straight back to work..well...haved to allocate some buffer time, just in case..

Anis Syuhada Nazari said...

no wonder ur face look pale in the picture.
dah sehat belum sis?

dieya said...

k jaja,
itulah, nak wat camne kan, one of those things that we can't control. syukur tak teruk sangat, just one day downtime, still boleh cover lagi :-)

i think it was makanan. nasib2 kot, terkena yg tak sesuai ngan perut.. hmm..

i already laughed abt it :-D
sejarah betul laa.. tak pernah2 muntah dlm flight!
yeah it was a great trip nonetheless!!!

wendu laa sama kah pah!
really? autumn ya.. good advice.
i left my doa at blue mosque :-)

aunty nora,
yeah, yang penting happy! :-D

sometimes the unpredictable happens, kan? alhamdulillah in the end all was well :-)

dah sihat dah, after a few rounds of throwing up :-p

PatinPasta said...

Alahai.. sian dia. Food poisoning jugak ka? Nasib baik la dah nak balik. And nasib baik jugak la ada si gagah perkasa buleh tolong tengok-tengokkan.
* lariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! :D

dieya said...

yeah, nasib baik laa last day.
ooo.. lari yek! akan ku kejar kamu ke lubang cacing!