tutti frutti me likey

I finally got a taste of Tutti Frutti.. yippie!

My hunt for the infamous froyo (frozen yoghurt) actually started during the Penang trip in March. Every time we passed by Island Plaza as we drove from our hotel to the city centre and back, I would look at the Tutti Frutti outlet facing the main road and scream “Tutti Frutti! Nak makan Tutti Frutti!” like a four-year-old kid. And I did it so many times like a broken record, which nearly made everyone else go insane.. hahaha!

We actually wanted to go to Island Plaza before we left so I could get my wish, but the traffic was horrible so we decided to forgo the idea. Since that trip, I kind of ingat2 lupa about Tutti Frutti until...

...I finally got my hands (and tongue) on this!

Oh, it was a dream come true! So yummy!

Took a mix of original, chocolate, banana, coffee and guava flavoured froyo. They have several more. For toppings, took kiwi, strawberry and chocolate chips. Yes, they do have other kinds of fruits, nuts and cereals to choose from.

The drill is simple: Choose any froyo flavour that you want, put the toppings and get it weighed. The cups come in 2 sizes - big cup (pink) and small cup (green). Even the small cup is actually quite big, easily 3 times the size of a normal single cup. Price is by weight.

This mix cost RM 23.70, about the same standard as Baskin-Robbins or Gelatissimo, I would say. Worth every penny? Definitely!

A bit of education on the benefits of yoghurt.

The branch at Jalan Telawi, somewhere near Alexis. It opens till 1am on weekend nights.

I heart Tutti Frutti, absolutely!


dyanna said...

tak pe, Island Plaza tak de ape.. Metrojaya pun baru je katup last time I pergi (february). :(

Kak Nora said...

Sedaapnya...di Dataran Pahlawan Melaka ada Ice Age...without the 'frutti' nya, tapi aunty belum rasa lagi

eB ezrin said...

ahhh cedapppnyer... tringin la weiii.. ;p

JaJa'Z said...

ramai dah blogger dok cerita pasal tutty frutty ni..nampak gayanya kena masuk dalam must-eat-list!...hehhehe tapi bleh tahan mahal gak ek....

wahida said...

tutti frutti ni mmg ada dlm senarai jalan2 cari mkn akak...hehe...ko buat akak teringin sekali lagi...huwaaaa!!

dieya said...

owh ye ke. i just nak tutti frutti je kat situ. i guess we made a good call of not going there.

aunty nora,
dataran pahlawan ye? nanti nak gi rasa laa sedap ke tak ice age tuh!

sedap ya amaaaaat! mesti try!

k jaja,
sgt sedap k jaja. hahaha another one for the list! cup dia tu sgt besar tau k jaja, so kalau nak diikutkan takdelah mahal sangat actually.

k wahida,
mesti try tau kak, sedap! semoga tercapai keinginanmu itu!